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"The Land Rich in History and Natural Beauty "

Jamaica Tourism

Jamaica, the fourth largest island country in the Caribbean Sea is a tropical wonderland. Its warm weather is one of its many qualities making it an ideal destination especially for those who want to escape the cold. Its sun-kissed beaches with their crystal clear waters and white sands attract many visitors. Adventure lovers swoon at the country's water sports. Snorkelling, scuba diving, and surfing are some of the actvities visitors ot for. There are many resorts which make sure that travellers have a pleasant stay with various activities to keep them entertained.

Measuring 10,990 square kilometres in area, this island country is situated in the Caribbean sea and is the fourth largest island country of the subregion. This tropical wonderland is blessed with a rich culture and adventurous vibes making it the perfect destination for a getaway from a tiresome everyday life. The locals welcome visitors with warm smiles from the bottom of their hearts. Jamaica is known to have some of the best beaches that enamor its visitors with its crystal blue waters, white sands, and shimmering sunsets. Jamica's warm and tropical weather will help you get that perfect tan you've always wished for. To cool down in a relaxed environment you could visit the Blue Mountains. Its exotic wildlife and breathtaking sites are every nature lover's paradise. Known to have a very unique cuisine, the region has a lot of flavours that you have yet to have experienced. Jamaican waters would make sure that you have an adventure of a lifetime. Snorkelling, scuba diving, and surfing are some of the water sports that visitors must try whille visiting this country. Due to the wide range of activities, Jamica is an ideal vacation spot for everyone. There are many resorts with numerous activities for children while seniors can enjoy a game of golf at the region's golf mines.

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Currency in Jamaica

US dollars are accepted in tourist areas, hotels, restaurants and shops; however, some smaller shops might not accept them. Credit cards and traveller's cheques are widely accepted. It is best to carry US dollars and have them converted if needed.

Shopping in Jamaica

Most shopping complexes in Jamaica are quite small. They sell items like straw hats, hadicrafts, jewellery, trinkets, perfumes, handbags etc. Haggling is common in small shops. Make sure to research the prices beforehand.

Nightlife in Jamaica

The country's infectious spirit is what makes its night scene unforgetable. The dance clubs have theme nights to keep the atmosphere light and intriguing while at the bars you can enjoy some live music while sipping your drink. The mix drinks, cocktails, and snacks are a must try in these places.

History of Jamaica

The original inhabitants of Jamaica were known as Arawks who came from South America.The Arawks were then enslaved by Christopher Columbus and his men for sugar and tobacco farming. This eventually made Jamaica the largest sugar producer in the world. Britain captured the island country in 1655 and imported slaves who got emancipated in 1838. Jamaica was freed from the British rule in 1962 and elected Alexander Bustamante as its first prime minister.

Language of Jamaica

The official language is Jamaican Standard English (JSE) or Standard Jamaican English. However, the primary spoken language is an English-based creole called Jamaican Patois. Some common phrases include: Hail up - Hello Yes -Yea No - No - Good Tank yuh - Thank You

Jamaica Customs

Jamaicans aren't too restrictive when it comes to clothing. However, it is best to dress conservatively while visiting a mosque. Dress according to weather and occassion.

Religion of Jamaica

There is freedom and impartiality of religion in the country. The major religion of Jamaica is Christianity. Most practice Anglicanism, Protestantism, and Roman Catholicism. The Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Bahai religions are also practiced, as is Rastafarianism.

Daily Budget for Jamaica

Budget travellers can expect a daily budget of around 40 USD including transportation, dining, and some sightseeing. In order to travel comfortably, one should carry 80 - 100 USD. For a luxurious stay, 130 - 200 USD should be sufficient.

Exchanging Money in Jamaica

ATMs are readily available so you don't have to carry a huge load of cash. They will accept major cards. Major foreign currencies are easily exchanged at exchange offices and banks throughout Jamaica. Also many stores operate their money changing services.

Best Time to Visit Jamaica

How to Reach Jamaica

How to Reach Overview

Air travel is the most feasible way to get into Jamaica. If you are visiting from a neighboring country, you can take a cruise ship.

How to reach Jamaica by flight

The major airports of Jamaica are Norman Manley International Airport and Montego Bay International Airport. Flights catering to these airports include United Airlines, American Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, Delta Airlines, Bwia West Indies Airways etc.

How to reach Jamaica by road

Driving is difficult as Jamaica is an island country. You could drive within the country . However, to very limited places.

How to reach Jamaica by bus

There are a few buses from Haiti and Dominican Republic. However, it is not a preferred mode of travel.

How to reach Jamaica by waterways

Many cruises stop at Montego Bay, Kingston, Ocho Rios, and Port Antonio.

Local transport in Jamaica

The cheapest way of getting around Jamaica is by bus. The fares are cheap; however, the buses don't strictly follow the schedule and they may be overcrowded. Roads in Jamaica are in a good condition though driving at night is not recommended. There are a number of car rental companies that have outlets in the airport and in the larger hotels. Bikes and cycles can also be rented on the island. You can also opt for air travel as the country is well connected. The fares are not unreasonably expensive.

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FAQs on Jamaica

What is the best time to visit Jamaica?

Even though Jamaica's weather is decent all throughout the year, during this time it is especially pleasant. The hotel prices are not too high. You may also find a dip in the flight deals. It is also an appropriate time to visit if you're trying to avoid hurricane season.
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What are the places near Jamaica?

The top places near to Jamaica are London which is 7563 km from Jamaica, Dubai which is located 12980 km from Jamaica, Amsterdam which is located 7901 km from Jamaica, New york city which is located 2533 km from Jamaica, Bali which is located 18296 km from Jamaica

What are the things to do in Jamaica?

The top things to do in Jamaica are Waterfalls, Seven Mile Beach, Ras Natango Gallery and Garden, Nine Miles, Negril Cliffs, Rainforest Adventures. You can see all the places to visit in Jamaica here

What is the best way to reach Jamaica?

Air travel is the most feasible way to get into Jamaica. If you are visiting from a neighboring country, you can take a cruise ship.
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What is the local food in Jamaica?

Jamaican cuisine has been influenced by Irish, African, Indian, British, French, Spanish, and Chinese cuisines.
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