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Hisar Mosque, Izmir Overview

Hisar Mosque (Hisar Camii or the Fort Mosque) is an ancient mosque in Izmir and the largest & oldest place for Islamic gatherings in the city. It is known for elegantly designed interiors and has an Ottoman style of architecture. There are separate galleries for males and females, and both galleries embrace beautiful motifs of grapes and roses.

The Hisar Mosque was built between 1592 to 1598 by Aydınoğlu Yakup Bey. It is constructed entirely with white marble. There is a large central dome, and three domes are behind the middle dome. Moreover, there is a series of seven domes on the sides of the courtyard. Also, a fountain used for Islamic ablution (şadırvanı) overlooks the yard. Although the mosque is situated amid the market, it has a peaceful ambience. Notably, there are some best cafes nearby.

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