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Aziz Polikarp's Church

Saint Polycarp Church, Izmir Overview

The Saint Polycarp Church located in Izmir is one of the oldest churches in Turkey. St. Polycarp is the patron saint of this Catholic Church who was the bishop of Smyrna and was burnt alive at the stake by the Romans as he refused to renounce his faith. The church looks elegantly subtle and simple from the outside. However, its interiors are richly decorated and expressively beautiful. The colorful murals, frescos, and the architecture of the walls, and pillars make it both marvelous and peaceful.

The small beige white entrance door can be easily missed at times contrary to the splendour and quietude of the church. Saint Polycarp Church was built in 1625. However, over the years, it has been damaged and restored, first by the Symrna earthquake and then by fire. King Louis XVI of France restored the church, yet again, the church survived another massive fire in 1922. Later in the 20th-century chapels and frescoes based on the life of St. Polycarp were added by architect Raymond Charles Pere.

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