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Bharat Mata Mandir, Haridwar Overview

Looking for a way to worship the subcontinent of India? Bharat Mata Mandir is the place for you. Bharat Mata Mandir is dedicated to India as a country and thereby gets its name from its purpose. Its name translates into "The Temple of Mother India". It is a multi-storey temple that is situated in Sapt Sarovar in the city of Haridwar. This is not a temple that worships gods or has any religious inclination, but one that stands for the many freedom fighters and patriots of the Indian Struggle for Independence. The majestic temple also celebrates the unique trait India and its immense culture. The oneness of the country and its diversity are also a few aspects that the Bharat Mata Mandir brings to our attention.

The temple had a grand inauguration in 1983. The late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was the esteemed person who inaugurated the Bharat Mata Temple. The temple stands at the height of 180 feet and has a total of 8 floors. Each of these levels has a specific theme. Bharat Mata Temple has a massive map of the Mother India on the ground, denoting the statue of the mother of India depicted as a four-armed Hindu goddess wearing saffron-coloured robes, holding a book, sheaves of rice, a mala, and a white cloth. The statue has a design that indicates the Goddess of India for all the religious deities, freedom fighters and leaders. The temple is dedicated to all those who took part in the formation of India as it was built before the partition of India. Elevators are installed in the temple to aid the pilgrims.

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The Bharat Mata Temple was built in order to invoke a sense of patriotism in the citizens of India. It followed the basic practice of Idol Worship and therefore has an idol of Mother India placed in the first storey of the building. It also pays tribute to the various people and events that made India what it is today. There is also a map of India with its geographically unique structures that is made out of sand on a raised platform on the first floor.

The temple has been designed to celebrate all the various aspects of India by dedicating each floor to a particular theme or significant people. Its main agenda was to spread awareness amongst those who are unaware of India and its independence struggle while also providing a place for people to come pay tribute to those who have fallen and given their lives for their homeland. Since it is situated in Haridwar, a popular pilgrim destination, the devoted and curious pilgrims are drawn towards the temple.

The temple, as we know, is divided into eight storeys. The first storey of the temple has a statue of Mother India adjacent to a 3D map of the Indian Subcontinent. The statue is dressed in a pink sari, and the floor is tiled with marble. The second storey is the 'Shoor Temple'. This storey is dedicated to all those important personalities who have fought for the freedom of our country and given their lives for that cause. The storey has a lot of statues of these patriots, which include the likes of Jhansi Ki Rani, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.

The third storey is called the 'Matra Mandir' and is dedicated to all the motherly figures of Indian History. Meera Bai, Savitri and Maitri are a few of the women that are present at this temple. The fourth storey celebrates the saints of India, thereby acquiring the name 'Sant Mandir'. A few of the enlightened men that you can find here are Kabir Das, Gautam Buddha, Tulsi Das and Sri Sai Baba.

The fifth storey has a pictorial representation of all popular Indian religions and their pivotal moments in mythology. There is a painting of Mother Yashodha scolding Lord Krishna for stealing butter. The sixth storey is known as the 'Shakti Temple' and worships the many goddesses of Hindu mythology like Goddess Sarasvati, Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvathi, etc. The seventh storey is an ode to Lord Vishnu and his ten avatars. The last storey is a temple for Lord Shiva. The statue in this storey is sitting in a meditating position and has replications of the Himalayan Mountains in the background.

Afternoon time generally has lesser crowds, and a very beautiful view of the whole city and the Himalayas can be seen from the top as well.

Tickets can be bought to use the lift to go up the temple to the different floors, but the descent must be done by stairs only.

The temple is around 5 kilometres on the outskirts of Haridwar city and 25 kilometres from the Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun. Rickshaws can be taken to the temple. Buses from within Haridwar are available that drop off exactly in front of the temple.

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