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Haridwar, a holy city, located on the banks of Ganga, has proclaimed itself as the pilgrimage haven. People from all walks of life visit Haridwar to attain a sense of spirituality and closeness to Go (Read More)d and the Universe that can be difficult in the hustle bustle of our developing urban cities. A lot of ashrams are located across Haridwar to help pilgrims find peace in their mind and the spirituality that they come looking for in the ashrams in Haridwar. The ashrams in Haridwar cannot be missed because they hold in them the very essence of the city - a calmness to help you let go of all your burdens.

Here is the list of 16 Ashrams in Haridwar

1. Shanti Kunj, Haridwar, Haridwar

Shanti Kunj, Haridwar, Haridwar

Shantikunj was established in 1971 as the headquarters of the social and spiritual organization All World Gayatri Pariwar (AWGP). The massive ashrams attracts thousands of pilgrims seeking spirituality and encourages meditation and world peace. The organization also served as the global centre for Yug Nirman Yojana (Movement for the Reconstruction of the Era).

2. Ma Anandamayi Ashram, Haridwar

Ma Anandamayi Ashram, Haridwar

Located in Kankhal in Haridwar, Ma Anandamayi Ashram is a spiritual centre and ashram dedicated to Sri Ma Anandamayi who was a prominent Bengali mystic and a spiritual personality. This ashram in Haridwar has a mausoleum or a Samadhi which houses the grave of Ma Anandamayi. The complex houses several buildings meant for meditation, yoga and similar activities.

3. Sapt Rishi Ashram, Haridwar

Sapt Rishi Ashram, Haridwar
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Famous for having hosted 7 great sages- Kashyapa, Vashishta, Atri, Vishwamitra, Jamadagi, Bharadwaja and Gautam, this ashram is well known for its tranquil atmosphere ideal for meditation. It is also believed that Ganga split herself into seven currents at this spot.

4. Prem Nagar Ashram

Prem Nagar Ashram

Yogiraj Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj founded the Asaram, located 3 kms from Haridwar in 1944. This ashram in Haridwar is a must-visit as it is filled with devotional songs day in and day out. The ashram provides a scenic view of Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi peaks along with a relaxed and peaceful environment to think and ponder in. It is a calm and serene place for a holy visit as the ashram represents, "purity, virtue, spirituality and high ideals."

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5. Harihar Ashram

Harihar Ashram

One of the oldest Ashrams in Haridwar, the Harihar Ashram is located at the banks of Ganga and is the primary seat of Panchdasnam Juna Akhara, the most significant religious organisation of saints. The three major attractions of the Ashram are - Mrityunjay Mahadev Temple, Paradeshwar Temple and Rudraksha Tree.

6. Shri Santosh Puri Ashram

Shri Santosh Puri Ashram

Located at a distance of 8 kms from Haridwar, Shri Santosh Puri Ashram promises to offer guidance in three matters - education, transformation and home. It is located on the belt of Ganga alongside various other Ashrams such that one can continuously hear the pious echo of bells and devotional songs. Yoga is an all-time experience in this ashram in Haridwar as they believe that yoga is an essential tool in transforming oneself.

7. Bholagiri Ashram

Bholagiri Ashram

Found by Asharam Bapu, Bholagiri Ashram provides a serene atmosphere for one to relax their body, mind and soul. It is located in the belt of Ganga where all other ashrams are also found. It is situated near Birla Gate and is about 6 kms from Har Ki Pauri.

8. Kutchi Ashram

Kutchi Ashram

Kutchi Ashram, located on the banks of Ganga is a pilgrimage destination for all the pilgrims coming from Kutch, Gujarat and want to find peace and relaxation in a community of their own with people who speak their language. It is a calm and serene ashram in Haridwar, though a little away from the central city, it is located near significant spots such as Har ki Pauri, Bharat Mata Mandir and so on.

9. Shree Chetan Jyoti Ashram

Shree Chetan Jyoti Ashram

Shree Chetan Jyoti Ashram located in Bhupatwala, Haridwar provides free cost lodging and boarding for pilgrims visiting Haridwar. The idea is to not discriminate between the poor or the rich and to encourage humankind to serve other members of the community. It has a kitchen, dining hall, parking are, a temple and a garden.

10. Chintamani Ashram

Chintamani Ashram

Located in close proximity to the railway station, Chintamani ashram in Haridwar provides lodging services to all kinds of people. It is also a calm, serene and peaceful place to come and unwind all your troubles near the bank of Ganga.

11. Jagatguru Ashram

Jagatguru Ashram

Holiness Jagat Guru Shriprakashanand found this ashram to help cultivate spirituality in humankind. There are a variety of holy locations in the ashram such as Shiv Lingam, Sacred Fig Tree, Goddess Rajradheshwari Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Radha Govind Temple and also Goddess Kali Temple. There is also a library in the ashram that is a pilgrim attraction. This ashram also provides lodging and food free of cost.

12. Bharat Sevashram Sangh Haridwara

Bharat Sevashram Sangh Haridwara

Bharat Sevashram Sangh Haridwara is based on the idea of volunteers. It also provides spacious rooms for lodging and tasty, healthy food. It is also oriented towards social welfare activities such as providing education, health services, elevation of tribals, disaster reliefs, and so on.

13. Shri Ganga Swaroop Ashram

Shri Ganga Swaroop Ashram

A calm, serene and holy place, Shri Ganga Swaroop ashram in Haridwar is a prime ashram in the town Haridwar for pilgrimages. It also provides pilgrims with free lodging as well as special arrangements for occasions such as weddings. The ashram management takes care of all the services provided in the ashram.

14. Swami Shanti Prakash Ashram

Swami Shanti Prakash Ashram

An adequately maintained rejuvenation centre, Swami Shanti Prakash Ashram provides good food and lodging services. Alongside this, it also has a cowshed to feed grain to cows, it also arranges yoga sessions at all times of a day, and the ashram also believes in Ayurvedic spa and healing.

15. Vyas Ashram

Vyas Ashram

Vyas Ashram is a must-visit when it comes to Haridwar because it offers affordable rooms and a scenic view of the Ganga. It is also significant for the Veda Vyasa idol that is in the temple for worship. This ashram in Haridwar also houses a Nav Graha Temple and a Cowshed.

16. Soham Ashram

Soham Ashram

Soham Ashram is oriented towards providing knowledge regarding Sanskrit and the Hindu Vedas. It offers courses for Sanskrit and runs daily sessions for yoga and meditation. It was founded by Shri Swami Maheshanand Ji Maharaj and is located around 4 kms from Har ki Pauri.

Ashrams are a calm and serene place to forget all your worries and to be able to focus on what is really important - inner peace and outer calmness. Visit any of these ashrams to receive for yourself a peaceful and calming experience like never before.

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