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Hazara Rama Temple, Hampi Overview

Hazara Rama Temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Rama, is located in Hampi. The breathtaking view of the temple and its intricate carvings attract tourists from all over the world. From a distance, one will notice the beige granite temple under the clear blue skies. As you stroll leisurely through the magnificent temple complex, do make it a point to observe the extensively sculpted narrations of the Ramayana on its inner walls. One can notice the various avatars sculpted all over the temple and in numerous inscriptions. The intricate carvings of Gods and Goddesses on the brilliant structure are proof of cultural and religious significance in India.

The Hazara Rama Temple is a World Heritage monument that dates back to the 15th century and is located in the centre of the land area that belongs to the Royals. It is one of the most preferred locations for photography in Karnataka. Every picture that visitors capture here is a frame that locks in the beauty of the mesmerizing monument that will be cherished for life.

One can rent a bike at Hampi to explore the temple premises. The intricate craftsmanship depicts illustrations from the Ramayana. The magnificence of the temple complex and its surroundings were even featured in several Bollywood and Kannada films.

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Legend and History of Hazara Ram Temple

The Hazara Rama Temple was built in the 15th Century by the Royals of Vijayanagara. The literal translation of the name of the temple is a Thousand Rama. An emperor belonging to the Vijayanagara Dynasty expressed his wish to construct a temple during his reign between 1509 and 1529. The Temple has hence constructed in 1513 A.D.

It was once the private shrine of the royalty of Vijayanagara and is located in the heart of the land area owned by the Royals. Only the Kings and members of the Royal Family could worship Lord Rama in this temple and attend various religious ceremonies. It is believed that Hazara Ram Temple has relics and historical objects which date back to the age of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. It is claimed that these antiques are the rarest ones to be found in India.

Architecture of Hazara Ram Temple

The architecture of Hazara Rama Temple is traditional Indian architecture from the Vijayanagara Dynasty. The temple complex is quadrilateral set in between a sprawling green courtyard. The structure is made out of granite that adorns intricate carvings of numerous chapters of Ramayana and various avatars of Lord Rama. The flat-roofed entrance has pillars and faces the east.

As one proceeds through the entrance, they reach a Rangamandapa, which is made of tall dark coloured stone pillars that adorn sculptures of numerous Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The Rangamandapa has three entrances that lead to the southern, northern and western parts of the temple complex. The sanctum of Lord Rama is located on the western side of complex.

The external walls of the temple adorn horizontal bands within which have been carved rows of horses, elephants and stories of Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha and many other mythological events. Some portions portray soldiers, attendants and Dasara celebrations with women rejoicing the festival spirit through dancing.

To the north of the sanctum sanctorum is a small shrine dedicated to Goddess Sita. This shrine is beautifully ornamented with intricate bas-relief work. To the north-east of the temple complex is the Kalyana Madapa. The complex also houses a Mahamandapa (the main hall), a dance hall, a vestibule and elegant pavements with numerous pillars.

Best Time To Visit Hazara Rama Temple

The best time to visit the Hazara Rama Temple is between November and February as the weather is pleasant to explore the location.

Tips For Visiting Hazara Rama Temple

1. There are strict restrictions for consuming intoxicants and smoking in the complex.
2. Though it's still referred to as a temple, there are no idols inside the shrines. The monument comes under the management of the Archaeological Survey of India.
3. You may check for a guide to take you through the captivating stories portrayed through bas-relief and carved work on the structure.
4. Wear a hat and a sunscreen if exploring the area during noon.
5. Carry enough water to keep yourself hydrated and maybe even snacks if required.
6. Do not litter the complex and damage the architecture.

How To Reach Hazara Rama Temple

One can reach the beautiful complex of Hazara Rama Temple by public transport from Hampi. The best way of exploring the temple is on a bicycle. The bicycles are easily available on rent at the Hampi Bazaar. 

The closest Railway station is the Hospet Junction which is about 30 minutes away from the temple. One can take public transport to reach the beautiful complex via SH49. The closest airport is the Hubli Airport, which is about 165 kilometres away from Hampi. Tourist cabs can be rented from the airport to reach the temple via NH6.

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