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Sukreshwar Temple, Guwahati Overview

Perched on the Sukreshwar or Itakhuli hill on the southbank of Brahmaputra river, Sukreshwar Temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva. Built in 1744, by the Ahom King Pramatta Singha, the temple was improvised and financial changes were made in 1759 by Rajeswar Singha. Located in extremely serene setting, the temple offers an enchanting view of the valley below. A few steps leading down to the river accentuate the charm and panoramic scenery. The shrine is popular for spectacular sunrise and sunset moments, the mesmerising scenery of tiny boats in the river and the tranquil environs of the ghats. Far removed from the din and chaos of the city, the temple brims with quietude and peace.

Besides the mighty river flowing in the backdrop, you can also see a handful of people sitting on the solitary steps, soaking in the blissful environment. A few people can be seen performing pujas on the banks below the temple. The temple is mainly popular for hoisting post death rituals. It is common belief that these rituals here can help the dead attain peace or ‘moksha’. In addition to the salubrious ambience, the temple complex also houses a Vishnu Temple and a few chambers are constructed adjacent to it in order to conduct pujas, yagnas and other ceremonies of religious importance. Besides, the shrine boasts of housing the largest Shivalinga in India, which is also considered to be the sixth Jyotirlinga.

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History of Sukreshwar Temple

The history of the temple dates back to centuries ago when Saint Sukra made his hermitage on the Sukreshwar Hill. The saint meditated and prayed to Lord Shiva at all times of the day. As per Kalika Purana, this hill was originally shaped like a hump of an elephant; hence it was known as Hastagiri.

Much later in 1744, the Shiva Temple was constructed by the Ahom king Pramatta Singha on the Sukreshwar Hill. In 1759, King Rajeswar Singha promoted the Saiva cult and prompted financial help.

Festivals at Sukreshwar Temple

The main festival at Sukreshwar Temple is Mahashivratri which is celebrated with a lot of zeal and fervour. The temple is strewn with flowers and decorated in lights. The premises attract thousands of devotees and tourists visiting to pay homage to Lord Shiva. Hordes of pilgrims wait in queues for their turn to get a glimpse of the deity in the inner sanctum. Several people can also be seen dipping in the holy waters of the river. It is common belief that a dip in the river can cleanse one of their sins.

Best Time To Visit Sukreshwar Temple

The temple is accessible at all time of the year. However, the best time to visit it is during Mahashivratri.

How To Reach Sukreshwar Temple

Guwahati is well connected through state-run buses, taxi cabs and auto rickshaws. You can either drive down or hire a private vehicle. Alternatively, you can take a public bus to reach the base of the hillock; you will have to trek further up.

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