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Shreyas Kapoor 2 years ago
- Located in Gujarat, it faces extreme heat during summers.. Carry sun screen lotion, sun glasses, umbrellas, etc. as required. However the temperature is likely to fall up to 10å¡C in winters, so woollen clothing during this time is advisable.
Taniya Batra 2 years ago
The Adalaj step well is one of the most famous step wells in Ahmedabad. The step well has intricate designs and its structure and intricacies often attract artists and photographers. The step well has a large historical background and a unique structure. Its unique structure also allows the temperature to be cool and a welcome relief from the temperature that runs high in the city. Visitation is also free of charge and the place acquires a good amount of footfall.

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Q. What is the distance between Ahmadabad to Gandhi agar?

Somabhai Patel 2 years ago
30 km

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