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Entry Fee : Starting from THB 4299 (Zipline Tour Package)

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Flight of the Gibbon, Chiang Mai Overview

Established in 2007 the Flight of the Gibbon is a world-renowned company offering zip lining experience to those seeking adventure. Zip lining over and across the lush rainforests while seeing and hearing the sounds of the jungle make the experience worthwhile. However, it is the gibbons, from where the company gets its name, that steal the show.

Wild gibbons make the surrounding forests their homes and Flight of the Gibbon have been able to integrate their presence as an attraction during the adventure sports. The company is focused on eco-tourism and the gibbons who have established their own territory can be viewed from the zip line course. The company also works towards conservation and funding the local community. Flight of the Gibbon is also known for its local friendly experts and Sky Rangers who give insight into the local forest knowledge of flora and fauna.

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Prices for the Zipline Tour at Flight of the Gibbon

The zip line tour costs THB 4299 per person. There is also a VIP zip line experience that costs THB 9999 per person.

The Zipline tour is usually a 7-hour adventure starting from pick up to drop time. But you can also choose to include extra tours, such as a visit to the forest village, elephant sanctuary tour, kayaking on the lake and more.

What to Expect at Flight of the Gibbon

The Flight of the Gibbon offers one of the longest zip line experiences in Asia. Some of the highlights of the adventure are:

  • For more than 2 hours, one can enjoy the adrenaline filled adventures of zip lining, walking on sky bridges and abseiling and doing all of this in the midst of the stunning rainforest beauty.
  • The main highlight of the tour is watching and hearing the gibbons up close.
  • Trained experts or Sky Rangers educate tourists about the wildlife and flora of the forest that they see along the zip line course.
  • Lunch includes organically grown ingredients and local recipes. The river view and local musicians add to the experience.
  • The guides are friendly and can converse in English. Yet, they have a strong knowledge of the local culture and surrounding villages.
  • The tour includes pick up and drop to the hotel. This makes it easy for a tourist to save time and reach the forest location seamlessly.
  • Safety is also an important highlight of the tour. The safety equipment and overall security, as well as friendly experts, make the experience enjoyable.
  • Optional hikes to the Mae Kampong Waterfall and wooden temple are provided depending on the weather.
  • Photography services are also available for an additional fee.

Tips and Precautions for Zip Lining at Flight of the Gibbon

Ziplining is a wonderful adventure. However, it is best to keep a few tips and precautions in mind before embarking on one -

  • Ziplining can be done by children and senior citizens too. But the only rules here are that the individual should be at least 1m in height and less than 125kg in weight for correctly using the harnesses and safety equipment.
  • It is advisable for those with medical ailments and pregnant women to avoid zip lining.
  • In general, before zip lining, make sure that the safety equipment and harnesses are in the right place and buckled well.
  • Follow and listen to the safety instructions given by the guides carefully. Do not jump off the platform before told to do so and wait until the other zip liners in front are cleared.
  • Try and wear comfortable seasonal clothes. Also, flip flops and casual footwear is not recommended since they can drop off from above.
  • Avoid wearing dangling or excessive jewellery that may fall off due to the harness and flight. Similarly, empty your pockets to avoid things flying off.
  • Applying sunscreen and mosquito repellants is advised. The experience will take you into the forest where you may encounter various creatures.

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