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Timings : 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Time Required : 2-3 hrs

Entry Fee : Non-Thai Adults: THB 300
Thai Adults: THB 180
Non-Thai Children: THB 200
Thai Children: THB 120

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Also Refered As:

Illusion Art Museum

Art in Paradise, Chiang Mai Overview

One of the biggest 3D museums in the world, Art in Paradise is a very fun and exciting place in Chiang Mai. The museum is an ideal stoppage point for those who love to capture the wonders of the world through their camera lens. A giant cat pawing at you, a waterfall flowing beneath your feet, a huge wave following you and many more wonderful frescoes awaits you at the Art in Paradise Chiang Mai. These are just a pinch of 130 artistic illusion images spread throughout the museum.

During your visit to the Art in Paradise Museum, one of the largest interactive Art Museum in the world, you will observe that these paintings are just stills on the walls. As soon as you pose in front of them for a picture, and click pictures with them, it seems that they come to life all of a sudden. Due to this, the place is also a must visit for you if you are vacating with your family members also. 

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Optical Illusions at Art in Paradise

While roaming around the Art in Paradise Museum in Chiang Mai, you will come across a total of six different types of themes or collections. These collections can be differentiated as Underwater Life, Wildlife, Classic Art, Ancient Egypt, Surreal Art and the Dinosaur Zone. While you can take a ride on the magic carpet across the lands of ancient Egypt in the Egypt zone, do watch yourselves from getting eaten by the giant crocodile in the Wildlife zone, not to forget escaping from the sharp, long knives being thrown with you tied up at the bull’s eye!

Don’t panic thinking you will be made to do all of these strange sounding activities. These are the sceneries created in the Illusion Art Museum, with which you can click as many pictures as you like, and narrate telltales to other people on your return from the place. After all, you were served the drink of the gods by none other than angels themselves!

Art in Paradise Chiang Mai
A girl posing in front of the optical illusion art

Coffee Shop & Restaurant at Art in Paradise

Although the vibes of the Art in Paradise Museum is such that nobody gets tired clicking pictures with the wall artworks present, you can certainly take a break from all the fun at the Coffee Shop and Restaurant present right inside the museum building. Comfortable seating, attractive yet soothing interiors and most of all delicious dishes at the restaurant are definitely going to calm your appetites. While sipping your piping hot coffee, the Thai dragons playing with each other on the walls of the restaurant will keep you busy until you return to crossing that wobbling wooden bridge to continue further with the remaining part of the Museum!

Illusion Art

You will be amazed to know that the beautiful and eye-capturing sceneries on the walls of Art in Paradise Museum have been made by Korean artists instead of Thai artists. With the intention to transform ordinary two-dimensional artworks into extraordinary three-dimensional artworks, the Art in Paradise Chiang mai has become a lot more different than other museums of the world. The artworks just give you a sensation that they are all-o-alive, while in reality, they are just another ordinary painting. Further, the wall paintings present at the Art in Paradise justify the belief of the artists who prepared them, according to which "Illusion is not the antonym of reality, and that the effects of illusion observed is neither true nor false".

Art in Paradise Chiang Mai
Illusion Art at Art in Paradise Chiang Mai

How To Reach Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise Museum is situated at a stone’s throw distance from the Sea Suan Plaza building on the Chang Klan Road in Chiang Mai. To further ease you in tracking the museum, you can locate the place by triangulating it in between the Shangri La Hotel and the Empress Hotel, which are also in close proximity to the museum. You can hire a taxi or rent a vehicle. Alternatively, if travelling by bus, get down at Chiang Mai Bus Terminal Number 1, 2 or 3. From there, you can hire a taxi to reach the Illusion Art Museum easily.

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