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Chettinadu Mansion, Chettinad Overview

Chettinadu Mansion is a heritage resort located in Kanadukathan which is over 100 years old and has been opened to the public as a resort for quite some years now. It is still a very well maintained heritage resort and is a perfect place for the ones who wish to experience the bygone times of Chettinad. The old age charm and the architecture are still intact. There are about 12 rooms which are rented out to tourists who wish to stay in the mansion. They offer complete privacy, comfortable stay and serve delicious Chettinad Cuisine to all their guests. Although traditional, the Chettinadu Mansion maintains an informal vibe for the guests to make them feel comfortable and welcome. 

The opulent mansion has rooms with traditional Chettinad architecture that draws architecture enthusiasts from all over the world. Right from the entrance to the innermost room, it is a majestic structure with expansive courtyards, the corridors and the living and recreational areas. They also arrange for activities that tourists can enjoy while they are miles away from their chaotic and stressful lifestyles. Many are awestruck by the simplicity and its unique charm. Several Bollywood and Tollywood movies have been shot here. One can also explore the little museum they maintain here and also give demonstrations to introduce tourists to the cooking styles and ingredients of Chettinad.

Things To Do at Chettinadu Mansion

1. Recreational Activities

Recreational Activities
The Chettinadu Mansion offers a variety of activities to help their guests unwind and have fun. Guests can go for a refreshing swim, play pool/water games with friends and family or sunbathe by the po (Read More)ol. They also arrange for traditional ayurvedic massages to help relax those stressed muscles. There's also a museum inside the mansion where one can see several antiques on display. Some of the items are rare and cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Avid readers or book worms can escape in the library or hangout at the TV lounge and maybe make friends with other guests at the lounge.

2. Taste the Chettinad Cuisine

Taste the Chettinad Cuisine
The restaurant serves delicious Chettinad Cuisine. Foodies will find the mansion a paradise to satisfy their craving for authentic food from the region. They also arrange for a cooking demonstration f (Read More)or cooking enthusiasts. The in-house chef takes the participants through the entire process of creating the dish and also allows them to cook along. There's no better way to make the most of your holiday. One could even surprise their family and friends by recreating the same dish some day.  

3. Explore Kanadukathan Village

Explore Kanadukathan Village
If one wishes to explore the mansion and the village too, they can ask the resort to arrange for a Bullock cart or a bicycle. A bullock cart ride is the an exciting way to explore the village, while b (Read More)ikes are more convenient. The tour goes through the entire town, and one can watch the locals go about their routine work and observe the different kinds of architecture the village houses are built in. The village is a heritage village as declared by the Government of Tamil Nadu and a tour shouldn't be missed.

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Architecture of Chettinadu Mansion

The regal mansion is built over an area of 80000 square feet with the two storey structure built in the traditional Chettinad architecture. The majestic entrance has a porch supported with arched pillars. As one enters the mansion, they reach a rectangular courtyard with stone flooring and raised corridors with several posts on all the four sides. The patio and the hallways are a traditional feature of Chettinad houses. The mansion has 12 rooms reserved for the guests, a lounge area, a living area, a museum, a restaurant, a library and a swimming pool. The woodwork of the mansion is stunning, and the extensive use of bright yet traditional colours helps maintain the old-age vibe of the structure. The rooms are decorated with beautiful traditional furniture and have ample windows to allow cross ventilation.

Historical Importance of Chettinadu Mansion

Chettinadu Mansion is one of the oldest and one of the most massive mansions that was built by the Chettiars of Chettinad. Today, the estate is managed and maintained by the 6th generation of the family. The museum displays most of these ancient artefacts. Most of the Chettiars had emigrated to Burma or Ceylon in the late 19th and early 20th century. Out of the total 96 villages, only 74 villages remained by 2010. Efforts had to be made to maintain the village, the culture and the architecture. Today, Chettinad is listed by UNESCO in the list of the sites of historical and cultural importance in India. The mansion is thus a heritage mansion, still maintained by the family and opened to the public as a heritage resort.

Best Time To Visit Chettinadu Mansion

The best time to visit Chettinadu Mansion is between October and February which is the winter season as the climate stays pleasantly cool in the region.

Tips For Visiting Chettinadu Mansion

1. Booking a room at Chettinad Mansion well in advance is highly advisable to avoid inconvenience.
2. The resort facilities and amenities include Free Wi-Fi and Free Parking.
3. Room service is not available to keep the insects away.

How To Reach Chettinadu Mansion

Public transport is not frequently available in Chettinad and cannot be relied upon. Rented bicycles, rented cars, private cars or bikes are the best modes of transportation in Chettinad. The mansion is located very close to the Kanadukathan Maharaja Palace. Tourists need to take the A.R.Street to reach the mansion from the Palace.

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