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Chettinad Palace, Chettinad Overview

Located in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, the majestic architecture of Chettinad Palace is a beautiful example of the indigenous Chettinad architecture. Adorned with embellishments from all over the world, this mighty edifice dates back to the year 1912. The construction style of the palace also reflects some European influence, which only adds to the regal beauty of the palace. The establishment was built under the guidance of Dr Annamalai Chettiyar, founder of the Indian Bank and the Annamalai University.

The august grandeur of the Chettinad Palace is only enhanced by the vast expanses of lush greens surrounding it. Perched within the bounds of a carefully cultivated garden area, the palace is a sight to sore eyes. Once you recover from the breathtaking beauty of the natural surroundings, the ravishing architecture of the palace will enchant you with its charm. Carved with careful intricacy, the palace is a combination of detailing and opulence. The palace also houses a number of figurines which will effortlessly transport you back to the pages of history. A marvellous edifice, the palace is a sumptuous experience for all. 

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About the Palace

There can be no better way to experience the rich culture and history of the Chettiyars than to visit the palace. Built by Dr Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiyar, the palace took two years to reach its final form. In addition to being a popular tourist attraction, the palace also acts as a safehouse for precious antiques used by the Raja. The palace holds many sights within its perimeter, including a photograph of the Raja between two majestic elephant tusks.

Chettinad Palace- A nature lover's retreat

In addition to being an architectural marvel and historical site, the Raja palace is a wholesome experience of the natural beauty of Chettinad. Surrounded by gentle palm trees swaying in the coastal breeze, this region is a rich source of biodiversity. The scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere of the place make it a favourite among photographers and sightseers alike. Visit the palace with friends and family to enjoy some quality time away from the rush of the city and into the lap of nature.

Tips For Visiting Chettinad Palace

This place is ideal for history enthusiasts, photographers and people looking for some quality time alone or with loved ones.

How To Reach Chettinad Palace

The palace is located near the Adyar river bank in Chettinad and can be easily accessed by means of buses or cabs. 

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