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The Chettinad Museum offers a captivating journey into the Chettiar way of life. Housed within a traditional Chettiar home, the museum spans multiple floors and features captivating displays capturing the essence of Chettinad's bygone era. Situated a short drive from the charming town of Kanadukathan, the Chettinad Museum offers an uncluttered layout, allowing visitors to stroll through the exhibits with ease. The museum stands as a celebration of Chettinad's cultural legacy, complementing other key museums in the area, including the Alagappa Chettiar Museum, Nachiappa Swamigal Chettinadu Heritage Museum, and the Chettinad Vintage Car and Camera Museum.

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As visitors explore the museum, they encounter vintage suitcases, handwoven baskets, and an array of kitchen equipment, providing a glimpse into the daily life of the Chettiars. The architectural finesse is evident in the rich mosaic and handmade Athangudi tiles. Imported glassware and porcelain, including pickle jars, grinding stones, and brass and copper urns, reflect the rituals of the past.

The museum's collection includes artifacts such as old ledger books, journals, and typewriters, showcasing the Chettiars' success as businessmen. Heritage family portraits, photographs, paintings, and vintage furniture, including wooden cradles and chairs, contribute to the immersive experience.

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