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Mainpat, Chhattisgarh Overview

Mainpat is an underrated hill station and an explorer’s paradise with its untouched green pastures, deep valleys, breathtaking waterfalls, dense forests, magnificent hills and untouched rivulets. The hill station hasn’t been completely commercialised yet and receives relatively smaller influx of tourists compared to its counterparts and hence is the perfect destination for you to witness mother nature in all her unadulterated glory. Mainpat is often called as Shimla of Chhattisgarh and Mini Tibet owing to its huge Tibetan population and influence over the area. The Tibetan refugees were rehabilitated in Mainpat after the Chinese invasion of Tibet and have since found a home in Mainpat. That’s another great thing about Mainpat, the confluence of cultures and diverse traditions only add to the picturesque village’s charm. A paradise for adventure loyalists and people looking to get away from their busy lives alike, you could spend hours just taking in the amazing sights and contemplating life or you could take a trek along unexplored paths and find a variety your own secret joints. Mainpat has something for everyone and then some more.

Places to See

1. Dhakpo Shedupling Monastery

Mainpat is home to a lot of monasteries owing to its Tibetan population, Dhakpo Shedupling is one of the most prominent monasteries in the area and possibly the one visited by most number of tourists. It is a Gelug monastery and is relatively smaller than its north-eastern and Nepalese counterparts and has Buddhist relics and artifacts.

2. Fish Point

Fish Point is around 17 kilometres from the village centre, nuzzled amidst hills with stunning panoramic views. This point has a flowing river called Machali Nadi which culminates into a waterfall with a descent height of 80 metres in the same area. The tourist attraction was named after a specific species of fish found in the Machali Nadi.

3. Tiger Point

Tiger Point is another scenic waterfall merely 7 kilometres away from the village centre. The waterfall is originated from the Mahadev Muda river and is encircled by thick jungles on all sides. Local legend says that there were a few tigers spotted at this sight years ago, eventually resulting in the falls being named as the Tiger Point waterfalls. The water plunges down a height of 60 metres from atop the cliff into an underlying pond. The falls are visible from road level but there is also a stairway that leads to the bottom of the falls and offers a better view. Although the stairway leads to a better view, the path is unkempt and slippery and one may exercise caution whilst taking that route.

4. Parpatiya Sunset Point

The place is around 30 kilometres from the Mainpat and is famous for its unparalleled views during sunsets, it is said that the neighbouring hills appear as cubes from this point. The drive up to this point is filled with scenic views and is reason enough to visit.

5. Mehta Point

This is another viewpoint offering a bird’s-eye view of the sprawling lush landscapes and green covered hills, the view point is set at a higher altitude and has a fair amount of clouds at the top almost giving you a sense of walking amidst clouds.

6. Jaljali

Located approximately 10 kilometres from the centre Jaljali is truly a natural wonder. The land mass is a trampoline like surface and behaves exactly like a trampoline when you jump on it and produces subtle vibrations, it is often referred to as bouncing land and rightly so. This unique place is a total treat for kids and adults alike and should definitely be on your list while visiting Mainpat.

7. Mercury Falls

Mercury Falls are a relatively untouched falls nestled in the hills of Mainpat, they are a little difficult to reach with no proper pathway. They are perfect if you like exploring uncharted territories. The Mercury Falls are said to be the tallest waterfall in Mainpat with a height of over 400 feet, the water stream glides over 8 steps to form this gorgeous cascade.

8. Daroga Jharna

This is another offbeat place that is yet to be uncovered by tourists, located 6 kilometres from the Mainpat bus stand. The place has an abundance of water and offers a plethora and tranquil setting away from the more mainstream tourist spots.

9. Bhutahi Jalprapat

The Bhutahi Jalprapat located 6 kilometres from Mainpat bus stand is a flowing stream of water that is said to resemble the movements of a snake as it makes it way on a zig-zag pathway. The flowing stream looks white as a pearl and moves with such sheer force that it produces a loud scary sound. This characteristic sound is also the reason behind the name of the place Bhutahi Jharna

Things to Do

1. Mainpat is a trekker’s paradise with still a whole lot of places to be discovered. Just go on a trek along the hills and you could chance upon a plethora of waterfalls, ponds and river streams and just spend your time amidst some of the most phenomenal views and settings you could ever come across.

2. There are also a host of adventure sports offered at Fish Point and Tiger Point like paragliding, rappelling and rock climbing among others that you could partake in and indulge your inner adrenaline junkie.

3. Mainpat also has a huge Tibetan influence over the hill station, take a stroll through the various refugee camps and interact with the warm locals, learn about the Tibetan culture and traditions and visit the beautiful monasteries.


Mainpat has small eateries spread out across the hill station that offer basic Indian snacks. But you must definitely visit the Tibetan refugee camps and treat yourself to an authentic Tibetan fare of Momos, Thukpa, Shabale and a lot more at one of the numerous Tibetan joints like the Hard Rock restaurant or the La-Momo.

Mainpat is a cosy little village offering you one of the closest encounters with nature. It is perfect for people from all walks of life, whether it is solace you seek or adventurous thrills, Mainpat has a little something for all your heart fancies.

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Best Time To Visit Mainpat

The best time to visit Mainpat is during the monsoon and winter months, one can truly experience the cool and invigorating atmosphere of the hills during these months with outspread greenery and sweeping views of the hills.

Stay Near Mainpat

Mainpat has a host of accommodation options for every pocket with a good number of budget hotels. There is a government rest house called Shaila at Mainpat, it does require an advance booking and scheduling. There is also an expansive resort called Mercury Resort, it is also the most well-known accommodation in Mainpat. The resort has a host of activities like zorbing, trekking, rappelling for its visitors. There is also a Tiger Falls Camping Resort that provides you with a camping experience and adventure activities like hiking.

Tips For Visiting Mainpat

1. Avoid visiting during the summers, the water bodies dry up and the climate leans towards the hotter side.
2. Don't travel to Mainpat after sundown, the road from Ambikapur isn't that great and may be difficult to traverse in the dark.
3. Mainpat does not have a lot of street signs and directions deployed for its tourist attractions, ask the locals if you don't know the way because cellular network in the hill station is not very strong so you can't completely rely on the internet.

How To Reach Mainpat

The nearest airport is the Raipur airport about 380 kilometres from Mainpat and the nearest railway station is Ambikapur over 80 kilometres from Mainpat. There are buses and taxis available from Ambikapur to Mainpat.

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