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Motag Living Museum, Boracay Overview

Located in Barangay Montag, Aklan in Boracay, Motag Living Museum is one of a kind museum which is more like a cultural exhibition. Here one can watch and learn the traditional methods of farming, weaving handicrafts, cooking native delicacies and listening to Malayanon folk songs. The place offers a wonderful insight into the Filipino culture and is one of the most loved attractions in Boracay. Aside from experiencing local chores and traditional ways of living, there is also a souvenir shop at the museum. The profit from the souvenir shop is donated to the community.

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Things to Do at Motag Museum

  1. Try your hand at the traditional method of ploughing the field which is done on the back of a Carabao or by riding the Ligis.
  2. Help with sowing, reaping, harvesting and/ or threshing the crops, depending on the time of the year you are visiting.
  3. Spend time with the locals and learn about their lifestyle.
  4. Help prepare food in the traditional native method and then taste the delicacies. 
  5. The children at the site can also teach you local outdoor games. 
  6. Listen and learn Malayanon stories, myths and songs.

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