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Aashimi Bhatia 1 year ago
- Carry extra food and water supplies with you, facilities are not present at proper intervals.
- In case of planning to stay back, make sure you enquire about the availability of hotel rooms beforehand.
- During monsoons, the climb up the fort might be slippery, wear good shoes with rubber soles.
- While visiting the Wildlife Sanctuary, carry binoculars, mosquito repellants, first aid kit and a change of clothes.

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Q. Where will I get the permission for safari in the forest? How far is the safari gate from Bhimashankar temple?

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Q. Please inform whether any Govt buses are available from Shirdi to Bhimasankar

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Q. Are buses plying from line to reach Bhimashankar? How much time it will take?

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Q. How much time taken to see the wild life sanctuary?

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Q. I have to visit Mumbai, Bhimshankar, trimbakeshwar, Ghusmeshwar, Shirdi and catch train for satna from manmad. On 15 I will be at Goa. 16 night I want to leave for above places. Plz suggest ideal route for travel and time.

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Q. Is there doli facility, or any other mode, paid, for those people who can not climb up/down the steps leading to the temple? Can anyone inform?

Holidify 1 year ago
There are Doli and Palki Services offered from the start of the stairs to the temple and back. The rates are not too high and it is preferable to visit on weekdays to avoid the crowd.

Q. How to go to Bhimashankar from Mumbai? From which station share taxi available?

Holidify 1 year ago
Please refer to the How to Reach Tab above for details.

Q. From where TumTum are available for Bhimashankar from Karjat? I mean nearby station or somewhere else? Also, how much it costs and duration to reach there?

Holidify 1 year ago
The TumTum is available from Karjat station to Bhimashankar and take approximately 2 hours to reach.

Q. How much time should I set apart for a trip to Bhimashankar?

Rajat Jain 1 year ago
Ideally, you would not need more than one or two days for a trip to Bhimashankar.

Q. can anyody suggest a reasonalble hotel fthere?

Holidify 1 year ago
Please check out the Hotels Tab above for good hotels in the area

Q. can we reach bhimasankar via kajrat without going to manchar?

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Q. how to reach Bhimashankar Temple from thane and accommodation?

Holidify 1 year ago
If you are looking for public transport, you could go to Mumbai, where you will find many buses headed towards the Bhimshankar temple. You could also hire a cab from Thane to Bhimshankar. If you want to drive down yourself, you will have to take the following route: Thane>Kalyan>Murbad>Sawarne>Karanjale>Hadsar>Junnar>Ghodegaon>Bhimshankar. Keep in mind that this route involve some tricky roads on the Ghats, so it is advisable to hire an experienced driver to undertake this journey. Bhimshankar has a few accommodation options spread out along the route to the temple. You could refer to the Hotels Tab above for more information on accommodation options in the area.

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