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Assamese cuisine is a blend of cooking habits from the hills, that is drying and fermenting and the use of fresh vegetables and lots of fishes from its ponds and rivers. The main ingredient here is the rice. This cuisine is known for its very little use of spices, little cooking and strong flavors, due to the use of fruits and vegetables that are either fresh, dried or fermented. They use a wide variety of fish, duck, squab etc.
They usually make use of the Bhuna cooking technique, that is gentle frying of spices before adding the main ingredients of the dish.
Here, the must tries are bhaat (rice) with dal (lentils), masor jool (fish curry), with mangso (meat curry). Fish curries made of rou, illish, or chitol are a favorite. If not a curry, simply fried fish. Birds like ducks and pigeon are also used in dishes. Pork and Mutton dishes are mainly popular among the younger generation

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Barpeta, Assam
Panoramic View of Barpeta Satra
Landscape of Manas National Park
The Barpeta Satra

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