Wat Samana Kottharam

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Wat Samana Kottharam, Ayutthaya Overview

Situated in eastern Ayutthaya, Wat Samana Kottharam is an active monastery featuring the giant statue of Buddha in a ‘Halting evil’ pose. There is a now defunct major canal system that passed along the front of the temple.

A distinct and old bell-shaped Chedi, Wat Samana Kottharam also houses an ancient sermon hall with a large image of Buddha on its altar. The vicinity is also inclusive of a functioning ordination hall, and other structures that are essential for daily Buddhist monastery operations. The monastery also houses ancient ruins of a building with pillars.

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Wat Samana Kottharam

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How to Reach Wat Samana Kottharam

One can Wat Samana Kottharam via several transportation options such as a taxi, bus, train, and tuk-tuk (Thai auto rickshaw). Bangkok is about 80 kilometres away from Ayutthaya and visitors can easily reach this monastery from Bangkok in about a little over an hour.

Via Train or Tuk Tuks
The monastery is situated very close (about 2 kilometres away) to Ayutthaya railway station. One would also find a tuk-tuk outside the station to reach Wat Samana Kottharam in 5 minutes.

By Bus
Ayutthaya bus station is about 4 kilometres away from the monastery. A tuk-tuk can be availed to reach their destination in 10 minutes.

Bike Rentals
Furthermore, one can also rent a bike, costing around THB 30 to THB 60 for a day.

By Taxi
Travellers can also hire a taxi with a round-trip from Bangkok costing around THB 2,500 after a bargain, to get to this Buddhist monastery.

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