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Wat Na Phra Men, Ayutthaya Overview

Built in the early phase of the Ayutthaya period, Wat Na Phra Men is also famously called the Monastery In Front Of the Funeral Pyre. A stunning place for worship with an extremely important history attached to it, it has one of the few unique images and statues of Buddha, which is a huge crowd puller. The temple is still active and conducts ceremonies as and when required. The architecture of this cultural heritage is no less an aspect of wonder, one that reflects the period it was built in. Wat Na Phra Men was registered as a National Historic Site in 1935.

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As it is an active place for worship, one should be clothed decently, and should pay respect to the images of Buddha and the monks cho conduct ceremonies there. One can take food boxes or nay other such donations if they want to make one. Shoes should be take off outside.

History & Significance of Wat Na Phra Men

Architecture of Wat Na Phra Men

Wat Na Phra Men
The Buddha Statue at Wat Na Phra Men

Wat Na Phra Men is a beautifully built structure. Its main attraction- the Ordination Hall, facing south is some 50 metre by 16 meters. The interior walls of the hall were covered with paintings of 80 monks with nuns (Bhikku) behind them. However, the paintings were all whitewashed while renovating the Ubosot. The interior of the Ubosot has octagonal columns, the tops of which have been carved into closed lotuses, to support the massive roof. The windows of the Ubosot are false and have been later extended with pillars, and the ceiling has been beautifully carved and designed with coloured glasses.

The Ubosot’s main highlight, however, is its gable, which features Vishnu (Phra Narai) mounted on Garuda, on top of the head of the demon Rahu, who is placed between the two Nagas, flanked by 26 celestials. The principal image of Buddha of Wat Na Phra Men is seated in his royal attire in the subduing Mara posture. The face of the image is very graceful, peaceful and one that invokes respect among people. When the sunlight falls upon it giving it a golden hue, it looks stunning. It is called the Phra Buddha NimitrVichit Maramoli Sisanpeth Boromtrailokanat (4,40-metre wide lap and height is 6 metre). The statue was one of the most beautiful and also the largest crowned image of Buddha left after the Burmese attacked. There is another statue of Buddha too, the one carved in Gree Stone called the Phra Sri Ariamet Trai. It has been carved in the early Gupta style.

How To Reach Wat Na Phra Men

The location of Wat Na Phra Men is a bit off the city island, along Khong Sra Bua and the north bank of Khong Mueng. It is right opposite the Grand Palace. The place is situated at the north side of the Meuang Canal. Thus there are two ways to get here - either use the footbridge to the west or by the vehicular bridge to the right off Uthong Road, near Wat Thammasikarat.

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