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Thimmamma Marrimanu, Anantapur Overview

Thimmamma Marrimanu is a huge banyan tree which is located at about 70 Km from Horsely Hills. This historical tree is situated in the district of Ananthpur. The name of this tree is preserved by the local people since ancient times.

Thimmamma Marrimanu, a huge banyan tree is located at about 70 Km from Horsely Hills. The word 'marri' means banyan and 'manu' means tree in Telugu language. This historical tree is situated in the district of Ananthpur. The name of this tree is preserved by the local people since ancient times. Many people visit the place to worship and to let their souls relax in the peaceful ambience. The route is quite exciting while getting here as it goes through fields and little villages and it makes the visitors journey enjoyable.

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Thimmamma , born in AD 1394 was the daughter of a Setti Balija couple Sennakka Venkatappa and Mangamma. She married a Bala Veerayya . She constantly took care of him when he was ill. Later on, her husband died in 1434 . She committed Sati and sacrificed her life for him.

The Thimmamma Marrimanu tree , located in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh , is located about 25 km from Kadiri town . The tree's branches spread over a land of 5 acres and it has a cover of 19,107 sq mtrs . There is a small temple built under the tree which is dedicated to Thimmamma . An account of her life is made in Telugu language and it is kept at the shrine.
In 1989, It is recorded as the biggest tree in the Guinness Book of World Records .

The history of the tree has emerged from a lady Thimmamma, who used to take care and look after her husband who was ill . Later on , on her husband's funeral pile , she sacrificed her life . (br)It is believed by the locals that the pole of north-east side pyre grew and got inside this tree. It is believed that this banyan tree has sprouted at the same place where she ascended the funeral pyre . That made the villagers believe that spirit of the lady is still there in that tree and will always remain there. The tree was named as Thimmamma in the memory of that lady. (br) The Indian mythology represents this tree as ‘Trimurthy”which is a confluence of Lord Vishnu as the bark, Lord Brahma as the roots and Lord Shiva as the branches . It is said that the three gods are risiding in that tree .

The local people of the area believe that if a couple praying for a child visit the place and worship 'Thimmamma' with dedication , they will have a child soon.
Moreover at this place , a big jatara is held on Shivaratri festival. Many people flock here in great numbers to worship 'Thimmamma' on this occasion.

Do visit the place during Shivratri as there is a great celebration over here. Since this place is a picnic spot, you need to carry enough food with you because nothing is available apart from refreshments at road side eateries.

The place is accessible by all means of transport. This tree can be accessed by road from Anantapur which is 100 kms away. Hyderabad is 497 km from this place. The nearest airport for the visitors to come is directly in Bangalore which is 211 kms. There is a railway station at Kadiri.

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