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Tadipatri, Anantapur Overview

Ancient temples with relics from centuries back in await you within the temples of Tadipatri. Built during the golden years of the Vijaynagar Empire, this retreat situated on the Western side of Andhra Pradesh is guaranteed to leave any visitor enchanted.

If you’re someone fascinated with history or interested in architecture, then Tadipatri should be your holiday destination. Here, you can get a chance to glimpse at sculptures and artworks hailing all the way back from the Vijaynagar Empire. The temples here are bound to attract pilgrims in huge numbers, yet even non-believers can have a memorable experience from visiting them.

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Places to Visit in Tadipatri

Packed to the brim with sites worth seeing, Tadipatri is a destination that always keeps you on your feet:

1. Chintala Venkataramana Temple

The infamous Chintala Venkataramana Swamy temple of Tadipatri is home to the numerous, yet rare imagery of Gods and their sculptures. Walking a little further into it will reveal to you an image of Lord Vishnu with multiple arms. This image of the deity is supposed to take on the forms of many other gods, such as one set of hands showing Lord Ram with a bow and arrow, while another set of arms shows Lord Krishna with the flute he is known to play.

If you remember Garuda from the epic of Ramayana, then you will instantly recognize the significance of the shrine for this legendary bird deity. Built-in the shape of a chariot, the Chintala Venkataramana temple’s shrine is made out of granite and carved with great detail. And if by any chance you have been to Hampi before, you may find it similar to the Vittala Temple there which holds the extremely popular Garuda mandapa. Tadipatri’s own beautiful mandapa, however, leaves no match for the competition.

2. Bugga Ramalingeswara Temple

A protected heritage site from the 16th century, it is actually believed that the Bugga Ramalingeswara Temple had been constructed between the years of 1490 and 1509. It is, without any doubt, a must-visit for anyone who claims to be a lover of history. The moment you walk into the temple, you are greeted with skilfully carved sculptures, towering gopurams and musical stone pillars. Besides the grand architecture, Bugga Ramalingeswara Temple is enough to take anyone’s breath away.

Many people, tourists and locals alike, love to swim in and click pictures of the sunset upon this river. Simply a glance of the temples and gopurams is not enough. As you step closer towards them, you can see masterpieces of art on these granite structures. Sculptures of the 16th-century musicians and dancers from the Vijayanagara Dynasty leave even the most hardly-impressed of people revelling in their beauty.

3. Anantasagram

A beautiful village and Mandal located within the heart of Bathalapalli, Anantasagram is a destination which any tourist who visits it finds beautiful. If you are a nature lover, there is a huge amount of greenery and water from the riverbanks for you to enjoy here. It is a great environment if you are simply tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and want to give yourself a break from it.

If just the blissful ways of simplicity in Anantasagram don’t convince you, then perhaps a large number of temples will make you feel spiritually reconnected. It is the perfect spot to recover from hours of hectic travels and make yourself feel refreshed.

Things To Do

1. Religious Exploration

In this town of temples from a royal era bygone, there are historical temples that you can visit. These temples display a style of architecture unique to the Vijaynagar Empire and the sculptures are of interest to artists and non-artists alike. This makes the town quite a spiritual haven.

2. Local Sightseeing and Picnic

Having toured through the magnificent temples of Tadipatri, it is natural to want to relax and unwind. The town has got you offered even in this regard! Visiting the riverbank and setting up a little picnic with your friends or family would increase your enrichment of the experience.

How To Reach Tadipatri

Via Air: Since there are no direct flights to the town of Tadipatri, you should be taking a flight to the Hindustan Airport of Bangalore, Karnataka -- the flights there travel on a regular basis. You would then be approximately 218 kilometres away from your destination. If you are travelling to the town from the Tirupati Airport located in Andhra Pradesh, you would have to cover a distance of nearly 209 kilometres to reach Tadipatri. Via Rail: It is very convenient to travel to Tadipatri by train. The railway stations in all the major cities of the country, such as Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata have trains which move on a very frequent basis towards Tadipatri. The railway stations you would have to stop at are: either Tadipatri (TU), or Jutturu (JUR).
Via Road: Tadipatri is easily reachable by transit via buses. You can hail from virtually any city of the Indian subcontinent and find a bus leading to Tadipatri, since the bus transit system is well connected. The station you would have to get off the bus at is the Tadipatri Bus Station.


In case you get peckish during your trip at Tadipatri, there are various local eateries where you can get Telugu and other South Indian cuisine and snacks at reasonable prices. In this town of ancient temples, there is a lot to explore.

Whether you have a fondness for history or a fascination with antiquarian Indian architecture or simply someone who’s looking forward to visiting some sites of wonder, you should visit Tadipatri during your vacation and gain a really memorable experience!

Tips For Visiting Tadipatri

1. The distribution and sale of plastic bags is restricted in the town, so make sure to carry some other bags of your own to store the items that you purchase.
2. It is prohibited to litter inside the lake -- since it is harmful to many of the creatures that live inside it.
3. There can be a shortage of ATMs in the town, so it would be best to carry some cash with you in advance.
4. Do not vandalise the temples or scratch and write on their walls. These are sites of heritage, and it is a dishonour to defile them.
5. Pack some light snacks and water with you in case there are no eateries in the areas you're travelling in.

Best Time To Visit Tadipatri

The most ideal time to travel to Tadipatri is during the season of winter, especially from the months November until February. During these months, the temperature is lower than 25 degrees and exploring the town makes for a pleasant experience. However, the heat during the summer season can be difficult to deal with, and the mercury in the area can sore up to as high as a staggering 35 degrees.

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