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Gurdwara Goindwal Sahib, Amritsar Overview

Located in the Tarn Taran district of Punjab on the banks of river Beas is Gurdwara Goindwal Sahib which is another famous Sikh site. It is known as the 1st Sikh pilgrimage site and is where the 3rd Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, lived and preached for 33 years. It is also where he coined the idea of langar or community kitchen and where he built a baoli or well from where people of all caste, colour, creed and religion could drink from.

The baoli constructed here has 84 steps and many believe that by reciting the Japji Sahib and taking a bath in this well will provide salvation and unity with the Divine by liberating the soul from 84 lakh cycles of living and dying.

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Goinda, a Marvaha Khatri trader from this town wanted to establish habitation here, but the place seemed haunted by evil spirits. He then went to Guru Arjan Dev Ji to seek his blessings and to ask of his help to ward off those evil spirits. Guru Arjan Dev Ji appointed Guru Amar Das Ji to this task who laid the foundation of this town and named it after Goinda, Goindwal. Goinda later built a place there in Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s honour.

Guru Amar Das Ji was made the successor of Guru Arjan Dev ji as he was the most trustworthy and able devote. Guru Amar Das Ji was anointed as a Guru in 1552 at the age of 73


With its entrance adorned with murals of significance from Sikhism, the main gurdwara is made in white with gold pinnacle. The well is around 25 feet deep and has a domed entrance with paintings depicting the life of Guru Amar Das Ji. Overall, the carvings on the walls are elaborate and much in line with typical Sikh architecture depicting ancient Sikhism.

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