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Goindwal Baoli, Amritsar Overview

Goindwal (also Goindval) Baoli is a step-well constructed in the 16th century by Guru Amar Das. It is situated 50 km from central Amritsar towards the southeast. Tourists can hire a taxi or an auto from the city to reach the well. The Baoli (open-well) is located on the banks of the River Beas and is an important Sikh centre. It is considered one of the first Sikh pilgrimage sites. Goindwal is said to be the birthplace of Guru Arjan Dev thus granting it great religious significance among the Sikh community. The well was built after the Sikhs were denied access to the River Beas.

The stairway leading to the sacred well consists of 84 stairs, with each step symbolizing the 100,000 life forms to represent the 8.4 million different existences of the planet. The stairways have been divided into 2 pathways, one for male and the other for female.

Visitors enter the area through a pointed archway where they can see the walls adorned with multicoloured floral designs and portraits of the Ten Gurus. The fresco work on the walls visually depicts the life of Guru Amar Das. The lotus dome that covers the historic well has a gold plated pinnacle and intricately decorated domes around it which resemble the dome of a Gurudwara. Devotees also can donate marble slabs for the steps as a token of respect.

It is a tradition among the visitors to recite 'Japji', as there is a belief that the recitations will bring them liberation from the circle of life. The well is also said to be the place where one can attain Moksha and Mukti after having a dip or even a small sip of the holy water. After the climb, the pilgrims can eat at the langar that serves visitors throughout the day.

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