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Best Time to Visit : October - June

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Dunagiri, Almora Overview

Nestled in the glorious Kumaoni Himalayas of Uttarakhand, Dunagiri is a small hill town away known for providing solitude to travellers. Situated 43 km from Ranikhet, it is a peaceful haven of beauty and spirituality. Blessed with natural beauty and a sense of divine detachment from the rest of the world, Dunagiri has become that alluring destination where one finds oneself.

The village town has been etched in Indian mythological history from time to time. It is said that many famous Rishimunis made this place their abode of attaining divine knowledge and distributing it to the world. Today, Dunagiri is emerging as a new place of recreation and rejuvenation for tourists who have missed out on this beauty till now.

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Sightseeing around Dunagiri

Dunagiri Devi Temple, Sukh Devi Temple and Dwarahat ancient temples are the landmarks of Dunagiri's tourism scene as well as the centres of its spiritual significance.

Activities at Dunagiri

Treks and exploration of local villages are some activities one can indulge in.

Food at Dunagiri

Try out some amazing Garhwali and Kumaoni cuisines such as aloo ke gutke, gahat, chainsoo and kaapa. Also try out the organic milk available at the villages here, as well as pure Himalayan water.

Best Time To Visit Dunagiri

Dunagiri can be visited any time of the year except for the heavy-raining period of monsoons (August-September). The quaint village town is wonderful and pristine in its beauty all year round with the winters adding an even more enchanting charm to it due to snowfalls. You will require some extra layers of clothing to get through the cold in summers and a lot of it in winters. 

How to Reach Dunagiri

  • Air: The nearest airport is Pant Nagar Airport. One can easily take a cab for Dunagiri from the airport, reaching within 5-6 hours. Public buses are also available for Almora from where you can change for Dunagiri.

  • Rail: The nearest railhead is the Kathgodam Railway Station which is 140 km away from Dunagiri. The cab ride takes about 4 hours to reach Dunagiri and goes through some picturesque hills and lakes. One can also find public and private buses for Dunagiri from the railway station.

  • Road: Dunagiri is well connected by motorable roads to major towns and cities of the state. Public and private buses regularly connect Dunagiri to other parts of the state. In case you are coming from Moradabad side, enquire about the condition of the road before making the drive.

Commuting in Dunagiri

One can move around the town on foot or a bicycle.

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