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Address : Chitai, SH 37, Almora, Uttarakhand 263601

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Chitai Temple, Almora Overview

The Temple of Chitai, locally known as Golu Devata Chitai Temple, is located 9 km from Almora City on State Highway No. 37. This Temple is dedicated to Gollu or Goljyu Devta, an Avtar (incarnation) of Lord Shiva in the form of Gaur Bhairav, built during the Chand regime.

The temple is known as the abode of the God of Justice. There are various beliefs that cause people to come and pray here. You will love the soft tinkle of the many bells caressed by the winds, hung by devotees as an act of offerings, wishing or thanksgiving can be heard far and wide. Hence, the temple is also called the temple of a million bells.

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Hundreds of devotees visit the temple regularly to seek blessings of the God of Justice. According to the recognizance, the devotees who seek respite from their problems with a clean conscience, write a letter to their beloved god and stack the paper in the temple premise. The God of Fairness showers his devotees with blessings and endows them with respite. Devotees, who have been bestowed with their wishes, tie a bell to show their gratitude and happiness to their Golu Devata. 

Following the belief, many come here and address their problems on a paper and return. It is believed that Golu Devata does alleviate his children and thus many come back and tie a bell. Thousands of bells hang hither tether in the temple premise personifies the firm belief of believers and kindness of their favourite deity

Even a non-believer is drawn to this temple because of its quaint ambience. Thousands of bells ring in unison chanting vociferously of the belief, people have in Devata, attracting every passer-by.

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