Top things to do in Almora

Here is the list of 2 Things to do in Almora

1. Jalna

3.5 /5

A small and sleepy village away from the chaotic tourist centers, Jalna is a place for some trekking and exploration into the wild. It_ã_s a scenic village, a few kilometers from Almora, with a nice atmosphere for relaxation. Jalna is situated at an altitude of 1700 meters amidst the wild of the Himalayas. The sleepy hamlet is a wonderful place for trekking and exploring the natural forest cover of the area.

2. Rafting in Kali Sarada

Rafting in Kali Sarada
3.5 /5

A perfect destination for first time rafters and family adventure, a ride on the Kali Sarada River through eastern Kumaon region is simply mind blowing.

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