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Time Required : 1-2 hours

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Timings : 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Shopping in Alibaug, Alibag Overview

Although, Alibaug is not an ideal shopping destination, but the tourists can go for street shopping in the city where various souvenirs are available at cheap prices. The tourist market of Alibaug mainly comprises of the beach shacks and street market that sells various products and antiques to attract the tourists. 

You can buy various handicrafts, clothes, accessories, jewellery, antiques, fresh fruits and vegetables from the street markets of Alibaug. The main markets of Alibuag are located within the main city, but there are several other markets which are specially meant for the tourists that are located on the beach side. The beach markets sell various products from the delicious seafood, sea souvenirs, shells, jewellery etc.

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Things to buy in Alibuag

The two things that dominate the Alibag market are fruits and vegetables and Kolhapuri slippers. Alibaug is famous for the “Khandale Kande” or white onions, which are the speciality of Alibaug. The famous Kolhapuri chappal is also the famous souvenir that tourists love to take back home. Although the Kolhapuri chappals do not belong to this region, but a large number of households in Alibaug are indulged in making these authentic chappals, hence they are readily available in Alibaug at the cheapest of cost. Do not forget to buy these slippers as a memoir of Alibaug.

Tips For Visiting City Shopping

Polish your bargaining skills before you hit the markets

Kolhapuri chappals are the must-haves.

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