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Dampa Tiger Reserve, Aizawl Overview

Dampa Tiger Reserve, a splendid Wildlife Sanctuary, is located amidst the deep and dense forests of Mizoram in India. The forests are located about 125 kilometres from Aizawl and are rich with a variety of flora and fauna that draw tourists and nature lovers to the North-eastern state of India from all parts of the world. The name Dampa was derived from the lonely bachelors (Dam Pa meaning Lonely Men) left in the region after the passing of a majority of the female population.The Dampa wildlife sanctuary covers a sprawling area of over 500 square kilometres on the western side of Mizoram and touches the international boundaries of Bangladesh.

Flora and fauna have been reserved as a part of Project Tiger that has been funded by the Government of India. The sanctuary was given the status of a tiger reserve in the year 1994, and today the reserve is home to many animals like Tigers, Leopards, Indian Python, Sloth Bears, The Barking Deer and a variety of birds. The hills around the wildlife sanctuary are known to be the bio-geographic highway that connects India to certain regions of Malayan and China.

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Things To Do at Dampa Tiger Reserve

Jungle Safari
Dampa wildlife sanctuary is famous for its Jungle Safari. A part of the Safaris includes takin detours in the deep, dense woods of the reserve. On the wildlife safari in Dampa, you can spot the royal cats including leopards and tigers. A large variety of deer and bears are a common sight around the national park. Apart from this, Dampa also houses an exquisite variety of birds. You can book safari tours in advance to avoid hassles during the trip. Visitors can opt to stay at one of the guesthouses available nearby the Dampa Hills.

Bird Watching
The forest is home to a plethora of bird species. The ones who enjoy bird watching get their binoculars and spend hours during the day watching birds in their natural habitat.

Flora and Fauna at Dampa Tiger Reserve

Apart from being home to the national animal of India, the Tiger, the Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary houses an exquisite variety of animals and some of the rarest species of birds. One can spot the royal cats including leopards as they explore the jungle. A large population of deer, bears, hoolock gibbon, elephants and langurs are frequently sighted around the reserve.

In 1994, biologists found that the population of Tigers no longer thrived in the forests of Dampa as none were seen. In 2012 however, a society of biodiversity conservation named Aaranyak and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) analysed a faecal sample that was found in the forests using the impressive technique of DNA Fingerprinting. The sample proved to be genetic evidence confirming the presence of Tiger in the forests.

The Blue Pitta which belongs to the Pittidae family and is one of the 30 species of Pitta living on our planet is one of the main attractions that draw nature & animal lovers and biologists to the reserve. Studies suggest that only 6 out of these 30 species of Pitta are found in India. There are about 54 species of birds that reside in the protected area out of which only 25 species have been identified by biologists researching the fauna of the Dampa Tiger Reserve. Out of these 25, two are species are nearly threatened category, and one is on the verge of extinction.

Tips for visiting Dampa Tiger Reserve

1. An Inner Line Permit is required for entering into Mizoram. It needs to be obtained by people other than government employees from the Liason Officer, Government of Mizoram at Kolkata or Silchar.
2. Avoid throwing food and distracting animals to catch attention.
3. Book your jungle safari well-in-advance to avoid last minute hassles.
4. As the sanctuary is located in remote areas, it is advisable to travel by private vehicles or by hiring a private taxi. 5. Do not litter the forest area.
6. Always explore the reserve in groups and follow the instructions of the Safari Leader/ Guide.
7. Carry enough water and keep yourself hydrated.
8. Wear clothing fit for jungle safaris. Khaki, brown and olive green are the best colours to wear.

How To Reach Dampa Tiger Reserve

Dampa wildlife sanctuary is located 127 km from Aizawl, which is the capital of Mizoram. The sanctuary is located in a remote area hence only the private vehicles can take you to the sanctuary. Due to the recent development in the area, it has been made accessible by road. The best way to reach Dampa is by hiring your own private taxi from Aizawl.

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