10 Best Trails for Walking in Christchurch

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Anyone who knows about Christchurch knows that there are plenty of tracks that this region offers. From 30 minute morning jogs to long adventurous trails, Christchurch provides all. These trails provide plenty of spectacular views to those who go walking in Christchurch.

Let’s take a look at the ten best trails for walking in Christchurch!

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1. Bottle Lake Forest 

Bottle lake forest, also called Blue Track, is an exotic pine forest that spans approximately 800 hectares and is one of the best trails for walking in Christchurch. One can choose to go on the short trail or the long one, depending on your age and fitness level. This walk is best to take on a sunny day as the forest shade provides enough heat protection. 

The trail starts at the Waitikiri Drive off Burwood Road and is marked as it begins 200 m from the main gate. The total length of the track is 11.4 km that takes around 1.5-2 hours to complete. 

2. Halswell Quarry Park 

This park is one of the historical locations that helped build Christchurch. There are six sister city gardens and a botanical collection as well. The span area is about 60.4 hectares and is a collection of recreational walkways with a bit of history everywhere and offers some of the best trails for walking in Christchurch. 

The walkways start Kennedy’s Bush Road; as this one is a relatively small park, the whole area can be covered in 40-50 minutes. 

3. Styx Mill 

This walkway is laid across the Styx river, which goes on for 1.6 km and is an ideal place for evening walks and recreational activities. There’s also a viewing platform built for those who want to capture the natural beauty around them while having a jog. The trail starts from Hussey Road Carpark, and the whole area can be covered in 40 minutes. 
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4. Hagley Park 

Spring flowers growing in the woodland areas, when combined with the autumnal leaves around the track, provides walkers with a peaceful Avon. People walking in this park always stop visiting peace bell, conservatories, and central rose gardens.

If measured as a full loop, the park’s total length is 7 km long and takes about two hours to finish. There are plenty of trails that run through the North and South Hagley Park and are usually short in length. 

5. Spencer Park Walks 

This walk offers plenty of sheltered picnic areas that can be booked to enjoy the native plantings that attract numerous bird species. The track is around 10 km long, but depending on the path you choose, there are plenty of short walkways that stretch for about 1 km. 

6. Bridle Path 

This track is a crucial part of this region’s history as it was first constructed in 1850 to help travellers who were traversing between Lyttelton and Christchurch. This one is a steep track, so wear proper hiking boots if you want to get a glimpse of the Southern Alps. This trail also pays tribute to the pioneer women by laying out stone shelters and memorial seats. 

The track’s track’s total length is 4.8 km that takes around 2 hours to complete, and if you only want to walk one way, you can hop on the number 28 bus. 

7. Rapaki Track 

This track is often regarded as one of the most famous trails for walking in Christchurch to cover as it provides stunning views of the city and the ocean. This is a steep track that tests your stamina and motivation. The summit road that’s at the top also serves as a link for other ways. 

The track’s total length is 7 km and takes around 3 hours to complete if you opt to walk while returning.  
Rapaki Track source

8. Victoria Park - Harry Ell 

This is a well-maintained track, but it gets tough to navigate; hence make sure you are either with a person who has enough knowledge or has a map of the area. This park is instead an easy one as it’s not overly steep like the others but at the same time offers excellent views of the Southern Alps and the city as well. 

The total length of the track is 4 km that takes around 2 hours to complete. Victoria Park ends at the sign of kiwi, and there are basic amenities available there like water and washrooms. 

9. Kennedy’s Bush Track 

One of the most well thought out tracks for walking in Christchurch is laid out across a 4WD surface that starts with a steady slope, then flattens out, and finally goes downhill. Once you reach the summit, cross over to the Crater Rim Track that leads to Lyttelton Harbour. 

The total length of the track is 5.3 km and takes around 1-1.5 hours to complete. 

10. Ahuriri - Crater Rim 

Also known as the Sign of the Bellbird, this track can be accessed from the summit road. The way is carefully fenced as it still preserves some pieces of history. Ahuriri trail is a small pocket of land that is hidden in the plain fields. 

The total length of the track is 8 km and takes about 3 hours to complete. 

Scenic spot in Christchurch source

Christchurch is a region filled with historical sights that offers you a glimpse of what the town used to be like. With many of the walks built around these sites, travellers can get good exercise both for their body and mind. Choose any of the above-mentioned trails for walking in Christchurch and go have a good time.

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