Must-Visit Beautiful Museums in Christchurch

Here is the list of 2 Must-Visit Beautiful Museums in Christchurch

1. Canterbury Museum, Christchurch

The Canterbury Museum is the go-to place for anybody who wants to experience the cultural, human and natural history of New Zealand. It is a striking Gothic Revival that was opened in 1870 as a single-storeyed building, which now stands as a beautiful foundation after the various additions made to its architecture over the years. With its 2.3 million and more artefacts, the museum offers not only historically alluring exhibits but also assorted galleries, each with a unique timeline, place, and history to show.

2. Air Force Museum of New Zealand, Christchurch

What represents a country’s military aviation better than an Air Force Museum? The Air Force Museum of New Zealand, also known as The Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum (RNZAF) is the former curator of the national artefacts involved in the history of military aviation in New Zealand. It not only displays the collection of antiques but also treasures the different stories of men and women who put in their efforts to shape the country’s aviation journey.

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