This Underwater Winery Needs To Be Your NEXT Stop

When you undertake your diving experiences, you are not really prepared to explore a winery. However, in Croatia, if you want to do so, head to  Pelješac peninsula and visit the Edivo winery, which is the first underwater winery in Croatia. It has been appreciated and listed under the world's most unique wineries. 

It is now a major attraction in the Dubrovnik region. Sea water turned a perfect catalyst for ageing wines. The silence and the temperature 20 meters under the sea is a hospitable environment for the wines. But such treasures come with their own set of challenges. 

The owner of the Edvino Winery had to excavate ways for almost 2 years to preserve wines aged in direct contact with the salty Adriatic Sea. The underwater wineries need to be looked into a little more than the wine cellars on land. The normal cork seals cannot withstand underwater thus Navis Mysterium wine corks are sealed, packed and protected with an additional layer that keeps the wine shielded and secure. 

Underwater wine-making procedure

At first, wine is prepared and aged for 3 months on the land, before being finally immersed in the sea. The grape variety is Plavac mali and only grapes from premium vineyards are used for the underwater aging process. 

The underwater line of wines is called Navis Mysterium, secrets of the sea. The Edivo Winery offers two types of varieties aged underwater, bottle and amphora. The Navis Mysterium Amphora is prepared by putting a 0,75 bottle of wine into clay amphora that is then placed under the sea. Wines are preserved in special cages and locked, primarily to keep safe from other divers. 

Now, in its underwater bed, these wines are kept to  rest for the next 18-24 months. Interested visitors who are keen on exploring the procedure are invited to dive in and take a look at the process with the Edivo staff members. All along the way down in the sea to the winery positions, one can also spot an old shipwreck and dive around it.

Every bottle or amphora is treated to be precious after spending 2 years underwater. It replicates a fine piece of art having being surrounded by corals, seashells and algae. It is true that no two wineries are the same because the sea extends a Midas touch to each one in its own unique way. Of course this then in return is a perfect keepsake for wine enthusiasts. 

Worldly Appreciation 

The winery was acclaimed and featured in international media as "a must-visit experience when on the Pelješac peninsula". After being tagged as the most unusual in the world, the owners have decided to further continue and do much more with the winery. The world is excited and looking forward to it. 

Do you want to visit the winery and see the process? Let us know in the comments below.

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