World's First 'Hangover Museum' Opens in Zagreb, Croatia!

As per the sources, Rino Dubokovic, a University student in Zagreb, Croatia, has opened a one-of-its-kind 'Museum of Hangovers' in Zagreb which brings together some of the wittiest stories, adventures and incidents from drunk people across the globe. The museum also showcases objects involved in those incidents. Launched as a test concept presently, Roni looks forward to gathering more funds to move the museum to a larger and permanent location.

The Tale Behind the Concept?

As per the sources, Rino Dubokovic got the idea of opening the museum for drunken stories while drinking out with his friends. Envisaging a museum dedicated to items and stories related to drunk people, Roni opened the 'Museum of Hangover' within six months, adjacent to the Bar where he came up with the idea. As per discussion held with Roni Dubokovic, the Museum of Hangover has not been built to encourage drinking, but to showcase the conversations he had with his friends in the form of physical manifestations. The main idea is to focus on the fun side of those drunken nights. Roni also plans to inform visitors about the detrimental effects of alcohol in the near future.

Inside the Museum of Hangover

Upon entering the Museum of Hangover, people may witness the different fascinating stories and their respective associated items for entertaining themselves. People may even submit their stories for being featured in the Museum. The 'Beer Goggles' is one of the popular things present at the Museum that simulates the effects of inebriation and shows you the objects other people had picked when they were drunk. The Museum also houses a small gift shop based on the Museum's theme and sells board games such as 'Drunkopoly' among other things.

So, if you are planning to visit Zagreb in the coming days, then do visit the 'Museum of Hangover' to unravel humorous drunk tales. Also, do share any of your drunk stories in the comments below!

This post was published by Ashutosh Chandra

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