How To Reach Croatia

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You can get into Croatia by plane, by train, by road and by boat.

Reaching Croatia by Air

Airports in Croatia are Zagreb Airport, Split Airport, Dubrovnik Airport and Pula Airport, apart from several others. Croatia is accessible from most places in the UK and Ireland. There are only a couple of direct flights to Croatia from outside Europe. An alternative would be flying to a city in Western Europe that is well-connected and then continuing from there. There are flights to Croatia from Qatar and Tel Aviv as well. Croatia Airlines is the national carrier.

Reaching Croatia by Bus

The country has a highly satisfactory bus network. The buses are frequent and come in and leave from Italy, Hungary, Bosnia, Germany and Serbia, to name a few.

Reaching Croatia by Rail

The train network has direct transport lines from Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Hungary, Italia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece and Serbia.There are some non-direct lines from other European countries too.

Reaching Croatia by Road

If you are driving in to Croatia, you will need to have a driver's licence, your vehicle's registration card and insurance files and documents.

Places to Visit In Croatia

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