Nightlife in Cairo - 23 Places to Visit & Things to Do at Night

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Cairo, rightfully known as the city of Thousand Minarets, is a perfect destination for all travellers to soak in the beauty and history of this famous cultural location. The astounding beauty of the Nile river attracts thousands of visitors every year. Needless to mention is the spectacular nightlife that Cairo inherits within. From enjoying the Giza pyramids to a fun horse ride carriage, from participating in heritage Islamic Cairo tours to a Felucca ride - your nightlife in Cairo is straight out of a fairy tale.

Egypt strictly restricts alcohol in most places. However, the law is relaxed and less stringent for travellers from outside. In Cairo, you can find alcoholic beverages readily in restaurants, bars, and liquor stores without hassle. Keep in mind to drink in private spaces and bars. Drinking in public is often regarded as a punishable offence. In the case of smoking in public, it is pretty standard in the streets of Cairo without any issues.

Here's a complete guide to experiencing the fun nightlife of Cairo - 

Must-Visit Pubs, Nightclubs & Bars in Cairo

1. Cairo Jazz Club

Cairo Jazz Club
Cairo Jazz Club
If you appreciate jazz and want to explore some live Jazz music in Cairo, the best place to visit is the Cairo Jazz Club. This is one of Cairo's ultimate live music clubs. Go through the artistic journey of Cairo Jazz Club’s interior design through the exceptional work of Amr Qenawi’s work. The unique illustrations and original print work are worth tons of appreciation. If you are lucky enough, you can watch international artists play along with the country's top bands, like Wust El Balad, The Riff Band, and Screwdriver. Cairo Jazz Club organizes fresh new events daily and has a fantastic menu of beverages and food to meet hunger.
Location - 197a, 26th July St. Agouza, Cairo
Contact no - 20-106-880-4764
Timings - 7:00 PM

2. Pub 28

Pub 28 in Cairo
Caption Link
Pub 28 is one of the oldest British pubs in the heart of Zamalek city. The pub's vintage-styled decor attracts youngsters and older people to enjoy the old-fashioned ambience. The classic bar cocktails ranging from a classic Mojito of rum, lime, mint, and club soda or a Margaretha of rum, Cointreau, and tequila, are an absolute mood changer. Many delicious foods, from shrimp to beef cubes, accompany the drinks. The bar also serves exquisite Martini.
Location - 28 Shagaret Al Dor, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 4271020, Egypt
Timings - 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM

3. The Lemon Tree & Co.

Lemon Tree & Co.
Representational Image
To enjoy the city’s seasonal surprises of flavours, visit The Lemon Tree & Co. in Cairo. The fantastic ambience here attracts locals and is a favourite place for all travellers. The greasy ambience of the restaurant is a must experience on your bucket list. You can find exceptional architectural designs on every corner. The beach bar is tempting and offers a perfect view of the starry sky. 
Location  - Katameya Heights Rd Katameya Heights Clubhouse, Cairo Egypt

4. Vintage Bar & Lounge

Vintage Bar & lounge
Vintage Lounge & Bar
Located in Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel, the Vintage Bar & Lounge is one of Cairo's most visited bars. It has a wide range of collections from Canadian, Irish, and Egyptian Whiskey to Rum, Vodka, Gin, and Tequila. There are innumerable wine, beer, sangria, and cocktail choices to spend a happy evening in Cairo. Experience the relaxed ambience of the bar with your friends and savour the best tacos, Nigiri Sushi, and sandwiches here.
Location - Ring Road, Mirage City, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 11757, Egypt
Timings - 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM

5. Cellar Cairo

Cellar Cairo
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Discover authentic Spanish cuisine in the heart of Cairo at Cairo Cellar, located on Taha Hussein Street. This vintage bar was established in 1978 and has been serving local and authentic drinks since then. Enjoy the local red wine like the Omar Khayam or the Grand Marquis. There is an unlimited stock of whiskey, gin, and vodka. Leila Rose, local rose wine with a red fruit aroma, is a speciality of Cairo Cellar. There are unlimited seafood platters in the Cellar to savour your drinks. A table for two will cost around USD 35.
Location - 22 Taha Hussein, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 4271150, Egypt
Timings  - 1:00 PM to 3:00 AM

7. Stage One Lounge & Bar

Stage One Lounge & Bar
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Stage One Lounge & Bar is located at the Hilton Conrad Hotel in Cairo and is the go-to bar for all travellers. The view of the rooftop of Cairo city and the Nile River is astounding. To add to the entertainment, live DJ nights are organized on Mondays and Tuesdays, Darabokaou or the oriental-themed nights on Wednesdays, and fully packed weekends. Stage One serves the most impressive cocktails like the Desert Grapes, a gin cocktail, or the Bright Skies & Sunny Days, a combination of gold rum and other elements. There are many more crafted mocktails and deliciously cooked snacks to accompany. All guests must carry ID proofs and should be 25+ years. A table for two will cost around USD 85.
Location - 1191 Nile Corniche, Souq Al ASR, El Nil, Cairo Governorate 11221, Egypt
Timings - 5:00 PM to 3:00 AM

8. Club Arena Cairo

Nightlife in Cairo
Representational Image
To groove to some party music, you must visit Club Arena in Cairo. This disco club offers exceptional entertainment and delicious food. The entire spacious dance floor is perfect for enjoying late-night DJ music. There is beer, plenty of wine, and some of the best combinations of cocktails in Club Arena. 
Location - Nile City Mall, Cairo, 11511, Egypt

9. Le Comte Downtown Bar

Nightlife of Cairo
Representational Image
Le Conte Downtown bar is located in Abdeen in Cairo and fully represents the local life in the true sense. The bar is mainly filled with locals and has the most delicious local beer served at the most reasonable price. Evenings become more entertaining with occasional live performances and Karaoke. Enjoy fresh food and local beer within USD 15 here.
Location - 33 Sherif Basha, Al Fawalah, Abdeen, Cairo Governorate 4280160, Egypt
Timings - 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM

10. Moon Deck

Moon Deck in Cairo
Representational Image
Just to mention the famous guide, you can find the moon deck restaurant perfect for experiencing the nightlife in Cairo. Enjoy an early evening drink by the skyline here. There are tasty kofta chicken and beef kabab, amazing recipes of salmon and tuna Nick Nigeria punched with perfect drinks. You can grab a glass of bloody Mary or small and dive into the weekend vibes even on a Monday. Try the dry vodka Martini to conclude your trip in the best way.
Location - Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 4270030, Egypt

11. Riverside Cairo - By The Nile

Nightlife in Cairo
Representational Image
For an exceptional experience in Cairo, visit the Riverside Cairo resto bar for a refreshing and extraordinary time. Located just near the banks of the Nile, this retro bar serves you the best of the cocktail choices along with authentic Egyptian dining options. They also organized numerous events, including DJs, live music, and jazz concerts. If you are searching for the perfect beverage, try the Margarita tequila with strawberry juice, Gin and vermouth, vodka with cranberry juice, and some champagne. To accompany your cocktails, shredded chicken, Teriyaki Beer Fillet, and others.

12. Opia Lounge & Bar

Opia Lounge & Bar
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The contemporary-style Opia Lounge & Bar is located on the 36th floor of the Ramses Hilton and provides the best view of the mighty Nile and the city lights. The trendy look and the playful ambience of the place get even better with live music and a fun crowd. This is a perfect place to enjoy local and homemade infusions like Khan El Khalili, a combination of whiskey, rosemary, fig, and honey, and the Chunky Summer, an unforgettable combination of retro-inspired vodka tea. Mesmerizing cocktails like Old Fashioned Mai Tai and Ouzo Sour are a must-try. There is delicious food under the Opiates section to enjoy with these drinks. A table for two will cost around USD 50.
Location - 1115 Nile Corniche، Floor 36th، Cairo، Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Timings - Tuesday to Sunday - 5:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Comedy Shows in Cairo

13. Room Art Space 

Room Art Space in Cairo
If searching for Cairo Comedy Shows, surely visit the Room Art Space for many such events. Enjoy spectacular performances of veteran comedy artists like Al Hezb El Comedy here. They also organize entertaining Karaoke nights and Comedy Brunch filled with entertainment and fun. Food at the Room Art Space is delicious as well. You can book a ticket Online.
Location - The Spot Mall, In front of The American University in Cairo (AUC) gate 4, 5th Settlement, New Cairo.

Fun Activities To Do at Night in Cairo

14. Sound & Light Show at Giza Pyramids

Sound & Light show at Giza
Sound & Light show at Giza
Wonder how the gigantic pyramids will look under a night sky with marvellous sound and light? Experience it for yourself at the Sound and Light Show at the Giza Pyramids. Apart from the beauty, you will get to know a lot in detail about the stories behind the epic structures. Know in depth about the sphinx, Queen Nefertiti, Pharaohs, Khafre, Khufu, Philea, and the history of the symbol of Abu Simbel. You can choose from 10 different languages to experience the show and relive the Egyptian legacy in the Egyptian style.
Price - Regular - $ 20, VIP - $ 23, Child - $ 11 from 6 to 12 years

15. Night Show at Cairo Opera House

Cairo Opera Show
Cairo Opera Show
Established in 1988, the Cairo Opera House is situated in a prime location near Gezira Island on the Nile River. It is Egypt's excellent performing arts venue showcasing the best of Egypt's culture. It has seven theatres housing exceptionally appealing ballet performances, concerts, and plays. There is also a music library, an art gallery, and a museum. Enjoy the mesmerizing weather of Cairo while experiencing the exceptional outdoor performances at the  Open-Air Theatre, open for up to 600 visitors.
Location - 26RF+WFV, Opera Square, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate 4270020, Egypt
Contact No. - +20 2 27390188

16. Islamic Cairo Night Tour

Night walk in Cairo
Night Walk in Cairo
An evening stroll on the quiet street of Cairo through history, art, and architecture is a must to do. You can contact local guides to help you discover the charm and ambience of the city. Enjoy the quintet of Old Cairo streets and their legends and history. On the way, you can see some evening markets filled with travellers buying souvenirs. Do not miss the walking tour of Islamic Cairo, the hidden galleries, Old Market, and traditional eateries on the way.

17. Shopping at the Muizz Street

Muizz Street of Cairo at Night
Caption Link
Witness all the historical stories of Cairo and Egypt on one of the oldest streets of Muizz Street. Throughout the length and breadth of the street, from the city gate of Bab al-Futuh to the gate of Bab Zuweila, you can see tall monuments and buildings built during the time of Egyptian rulers of the bygone era. Also referred to as Qasaba, meaning a central part of the city, this sleepless street is perfect for witnessing the famous monuments of Cairo like the Mosque of Al-Hakim bi Amr Allah (1030), Mausoleum of Sultan Al-Ghuri (1505), Hammam of Sultan Inal (1456) and many more. On a clear moon night, check out the famous Bayt al-Suhaymi, faulting ottoman-era architecture building. 

18. Khan El-Khalili Market

Khan El-Khalili Market in Cairo
Caption Link
The shopping hub of Cairo, the Khan El-Khalili market, was established in the 14th century and continues contributing to the city’s cultural enigma. The market is just near the Ataba Metro Station and is also near the famous Tahrir Square. You can get lost in the abundance of merchandise available here, ranging from gold to antiques, silver to handmade carpets, spices to silver. The narrow alleys are filled with shops and eateries. One of the older cafes in Cairo is also here, named the El-Fishawi cafe serving fresh and hot traditional Egyptian food.
Location - El-Gamaleya, El Gamaliya, Cairo Governorate 4331302, Egypt

19. Horse Carriage Ride

The concept of the horse carriage ride, also known as a Hantoor, was prevalent in Egypt for decades and was gifted by the then European to tourists and travellers who wished to enjoy the ancient days and history of Cairo. It can be plentiful near the Cairo Tower, one of the most visited tourist spots in Cairo. A romantic date night around the city will take you back in time. Check the hantoor and the horse's condition before booking a ride to avoid any future inconvenience. You can also contact your hotel and book a local Hantoor beforehand.
Price - 4-hour ride for approx USD 45

20. Dinner at the Nile River Cruise Boat

River  Cruise in Cairo
River Cruise in Cairo
The unforgettable view of the Nile along the endless skyline on a full moon night and alongside enjoying a dinner cruise is straight from a fairytale scene. After a long hectic day of exploring the city’s colours, you only need to relax and enjoy the breeze with a delicious meal. The hour-long evening dinner cruise mainly comprises buffets with traditional Egyptian cuisine, live music, traditional Tanura shows, and belly dancing. You can also opt for hotel pickup and round-trip transport options for an even more comfortable and seamless evening experience by the Nile. 
Average duration - 3 hours
Average cost -  $ 40 (price varies on group size)

21. Cultural Heritage Walk at Wekalet El Ghouri Arts Center

Wekalet El Ghouri Arts Center
Tanoora Dance in Cairo
A visit to the historical Wekalet El Ghouri, built during the Mamluk era of Sultan Ashraf Qaansuh, is a must on your visit to Cairo. This culturally rich 16th-century archaeological area is the hub of tourists throughout the year and beautifully illustrates the city's glorious past. You can find a lot of pre-organized art shows and heritage shows, attracting huge audiences every day. There are small souvenir shops to take away memories from here. The major attraction is the sound and light show and experiencing the Tanoora Dance Group. Know the country’s war, art and craft, traditional music, and songs in detail. The mesmerizing Tanoora dance wearing a traditional Tanoorat portrays the four seasons of the year through their dance.
Location - 3 Mohamed Abdo Street, Off Al Azhar street, Al Dar Al Ahmar, Cairo Governorate 12411, Egypt
Timings - 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

22. Felucca Ride at Night

Time Travel back to the age of the Pharaohs while enjoying a felucca ride on the mighty Nile river. Open-decked boats are comfortable with colourful cushions, pillows, and large canvas shelters to block sunshine. These are the traditional sailboats of Egypt which still exist primarily for tourists and travellers and mainly cover a short voyage of a couple of hours.  Perfect for sailing over shallow depths, travellers can enjoy a perfect night sky filled with stars from their sleeping bag on the felucca itself. 
Price - Approx $40 per person

23. Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower
Cairo Tower
The Cairo Tower is the tallest structure in the country, with a height of about 614 ft. The famous tower was completed in 1961 and was designed by architect Naoum Shebib. The intricate details of the tower try to portray the look of a pharaonic lotus plant, a significant symbol for Egyptian culture. At night the tower gets illuminated with sparkling lights, visible from the farthest corner of the city of Cairo. The panoramic view of the city from the 16-floor tower is worth remembering. There is also an observation deck and a revolving restaurant. Watch the glorious Nile and even glimpse the pyramids from Cairo Tower.
Location - El Borg Street, El Gezira, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
Timings - 09:00 am - 11:59 pmPhone: +20-227365112
Ticket Price - 70 USD Time Required: 01:30 Hrs


  • While you are planning a trip to Cairo, keep a check on your daily wear in this city. While summer temperatures might go more than 50-degree celsius, in winter, you can experience even chilly nights on the Nile cruise more than ever. So pack your clothes according to the season you are visiting. Egypt generally follows a more conservative dress standard for women than men. Do dress up accordingly. Even if women are in bars and pubs in Cairo at night, they should try to maintain a casual, formal look.
  • Locally referred to as Baksheesh, once you are in Cairo, always make it a point to tip in places of need. Not just in restaurants, tipping in Cairo is prevalent in almost all kinds of purchases. 
There is so much you can do in Cairo, from enjoying a Felucca ride to enjoying a drink with the view of the Nile - this city is a city of wonder and beauty. The nightlife in Cairo is even better with a perfect plan in hand. Visit Cairo on your next trip and make a memorable memory.

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