Fly from New York to Abu Dhabi in ‘The Residence’ – An Outrageously Expensive Flight Offered by Etihad Airlines

Airline Industry is coming up with new developments and innovative ideas to make travel comfortable and easy each and every day. Sometimes these comforts get over the board and make the passengers shell a huge amount of money as they do not come for a small price.

Every other airline provides extraordinary features and luxurious stay in their flights, and there are some sections of the flight that are hyped up more than the first class, and these flights charge the passengers with a very hefty price. Etihad Airlines, one of the popular and expensive airlines of the world, came up with a suite in A380 that’s surpassed the airline’s First class.

Meet ‘The Residence’, a three-room suite by Etihad Airlines that costs a whopping amount of USD 38,000 from New York to Mumbai via Abu Dhabi for a one-way journey per person.  Head - spinning price. Isn’t it? Flight to Abudhabi from Newyork in The Residence is the most expensive flight in the world and possibly the luxurious of the planes

‘The Residence’ and Why is it So Expensive?

The residence is a luxurious three-room private suite in A380 with all the world-class facilities. It has a living room, bathroom, and a bedroom. To cut it short, it is an apartment that you can rent above 30,000 sq ft. in a flight, but it is nowhere less than a five-star suite. Designed for two people, this private suite is more of a luxurious penthouse in the sky.

What Does ‘The Residence’ Cabin Offer?

The spacious living area of The Residence
This luxurious three-room apartment in the sky gives you an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. The private suite of The Residence is about 125 square feet with three rooms. There is a spacious living area that is well - equipped with a LED TV along with noise-cancelling headphones, refrigerator, and enough legroom for the two guests with two massive seats. Down the hallway, you’ll find a bedroom which has a double bed with Italian linens and a bathroom. If at all you feel like cleaning up during the journey, you can go ahead as there is a full-height shower, bathrobes, hairdryer, makeup mirror etc. 

The Residence bedroom with Italian linens
There is also a private butler to take care of the passengers from the time they enter until the time they leave. He delivers the meals and the food is prepared according to the tastes and preferences of the guests in the private suite. The chef also prepares dishes outside the personalised menu.

The Whooping Price to Taste the Luxury of ‘The Residence’ 

A single trip to Abu Dhabi from Newyork costs around USD 38,000 and a roundtrip between Abu Dhabi and New York will cost approximately USD 64,000. Though Etihad had maintained these prices since its launch, these prices vary according to the season, destinations etc. You can also fly in The Residence to or from Abu Dhabi, London, New York, Sydney, Paris and Seoul.

A Little More About A380’s The Residence 

Personal chauffeur service to and from airport
Being the unique and expensive flight, the client services of this A380 begins way before you even board the flight.  The VIP Travel Concierge of the airlines will take care of each and every detail of the guests. It also provides personal chauffeuring to and from the airport, a private check-in without standing in a queue, and an own private waiting lounge. 

No wonder the price of the ticket touches the skies. Despite the high price, this airline stays in high demand. You need to book the tickets well in advance as there is only one suite aboard and a single flight takes off in a day. This proves that The Residence is way too popular among the rich masses.
Who wouldn’t want to travel in this suite when you got your pockets full? Isn’t it? Do you dream of boarding this flight anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below.

This post was published by Harshitha Pudota

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