Bisaccia, an Italian Town Is Offering Homes at Just INR 70!

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Yes, you heard it right. Bisaccia, a town in Italy is truly offering homes at INR 70. This town is the newly added one to the list of places in Italy that was offering properties at a lower price to people from all around the world. Sounds cool. Isn’t it? But, here comes the twist. The families that are buying the property here need to buy several properties and also should get along their friends too. They should also be willing to renovate their homes as they are all crumbled properties and are need of an overhaul.

What is the Reason Behind it?

Bisaccia, Itlay

Depopulation is one of the problems that Italy is facing for quite some time now. The people fled to other places to pursue jobs and in the hope of a bright future.  So, the Italian government came up with a unique idea of offering the housing properties at a lower place to tackle this issue and to repopulate the area. Bisaccia is the latest one to implement this policy. The government has put 90 dilapidated properties for sale and it firmly believes that these proposals might help in increasing the population in the abandoned areas like Bisaccia and other communities.

The Mayor of this place wants families, friends and relatives to move in together as there are clustered houses as well and believes that this might bring back the glory of the place and will surely impact the numbers and help in making this destination shine like before.

Highlights of Bisaccia

Distance from Naples (Nearest) Airport: 121 Km
Time Taken: 1 hr 45 Mins
  • This rural town in Italy’s southern Campania is one of the picturesque destinations of Italy. Known as the genteel town, Bisaccia sits on the crossroads of three Italian regions and is a sleepy spot.
  • The excellent view of the expansive forest from the houses of Bisaccia is just unmissable.
  • As it is a sun-soaked town, it is perfect for all those in search of a sunny place.
  • The castle in Bisaccia is simply breathtaking and is the finest examples of Italian architecture.
  • The archaeological museum in Bisaccia is another highlight of this place.
  • The basilica of St. Anthony of Padua, one of the eight international shrines recognised by the Holy See is one of the masterpieces of Romanesque architecture.
  • The nearest airport is Naples which is around 136 km away.
With its lush green pastures surrounding the town and full of cobblestone alleys, Bisaccia does attract people and also helps you to breathe life leaving all the hustling and bustling behind. After such an interesting proposal by the Italian Government, do you plan on buying a property in Bisaccia? Let us know in the comments below.

This post was published by Harshitha Pudota

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