Getting Around Ecuador

Getting Around in Ecuador

Ecuador is a small country with a quite decent inter-city transportation system. One can option from various options of travelling by air, taxi, rental cars, bikes, buses, mini-buses and rail. Travelling by water is also an option but not a safe one, at least for visitors.

Getting Around Ecuador By Air

Air travel in Ecuador is one of the best and usual way to get across the country, especially with flight journey being usually less than an hour and tickets quite inexpensive. All the major cities and tourist spots owns an airport. Most flights functions from Quito even though Guayaquil also offers direct flights to important centres including Cuenca, Loja and Galapagos. TAME serves as the national airlines in the country apart from various small airlines that manages the coast and eastern part of the country. There are daily flights for the Galapagos Islands on the national carrier available from both Quito and Guayaquil. However, the air ticket price for the islands is much higher as compared to other destinations. There is also an admission charge for the national park, payable in cash.

Getting Around Ecuador By Rail

Rail service in Ecuador is limited with the line between Quito and Guayaquil recently opened up again in year 2103. Tren Ecuador runs luxury trains on this way along with a train on the famous Nariz Del Diablo (Devil's Nose) route offering some stunning mountain descent between Riobamba and Sibambe. Another exciting route one must try is Quito to El Boliche, near Cotopaxi.

Getting Around Ecuador By Road

Travelling by road within the country is quite simple with many options including buses, taxis, rental cars and bikes. Taxis are available easily, especially in large towns and cities. Fares are reasonable but negotiable in advance. Taxis in Quito are metered but rarely elsewhere. Cycling around Ecuador is a also good way to explore the country and its natural beauty. One can easily hire them in Quito but again it is limited outside it. Lastly, the bus service in Ecuador is quite widespread and cheap. Apart from being a thrilling way to enjoy the place, it might also be quite overwhelming with bad traffic, bumpy roads and reckless driving.

Getting Around Ecuador By Water

There are dugout canoes that serve as a mode of transportation, especially in the Oriente Jungle and in the northwest coastal region but it tends be dangerous way to move across the country. However, there are tourist boats, hired yachts and luxury cruisers that serve as a fun way to travel between Galapagos Islands.

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