How To Reach Ecuador

Reaching Ecuador by Air

Ecuador is home to two major international airports namely Quito International Airport and Aeropuerto Simon Bolivar in Guayaquil. Both the airports connect the country to many international cities including Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, London and Paris through various direct flight and indirect flights. TAME is the main airlines of the country.

Reaching Ecuador by Bus

There are bus services that offer a journey across the border to Ecuador from Peru and Colombia. The entry points remain the same as that for driving across the border. However, there also some bus companies that offer long distance travel from major cities such as Lima and Bogota all the way to Ecuador.

Reaching Ecuador by Road

Tourists can drive to Ecuador by crossing the international roads and borders from the neighbouring countries, Colombia and Peru. Until your documents are in order, the border formalities are straightforward and easy to get through. No taxes are applicable in case of tourists travelling this way. Tulcan in the northern highlands serves the main crossing point while entering from Colombia whereas Oriente is the second entry point, which may turn out to be dangerous. From Peru, major traffic crosses the border at Machala while Macara and La Balsa serve and the secondary crossing points.

Reaching Ecuador by Water

Travelling by water is the last option considering the amount of time it takes and inconvenience caused during the journey. If travelling from Europe, it takes approximately three weeks to reach Ecuador while coming from South America, the Guayaquil is the stop to enter the country that makes for an unusual route.

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