Best Time To Visit Ecuador

What is the best time to visit Ecuador?

Ecuador experiences highly uncertain climate, which also vary from region to region. In general, June to August and December and January are considered to be the best months to explore the country owing to pleasant weather conditions during earlier months while slight cooler ones during the latter. Make sure to book for Galpagos in advance, as it is often a busy season for the island.

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January - April

The time of January until April is hot and rainy in the coastal areas with the temperature rising to 31 deg C making it difficult to travel. However, the Amazon Basin experiences rain showering from September to April with 20 deg C as the average temperature. In the highlands, April serves as the wettest month. It is much wetter in the east as well. The Galpagos between January and April experience the hottest months with a possibility of heavy but brief rainfall.

May - December

The coastal areas during the time are relatively cool with a sea mist known as garua sets in while the Amazon basin enjoys quite a beautiful weather. The eastern part of the country is rather drier, and so is the western Ecuador. During this time, Galapagos is affected by garua and with September being the worst month to visit the island. In the Oriente, it is wettest during this time.

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