Getting Around Bolivia

Getting Around in Bolivia

Air travel is the most convinient way to travel. However, if you have a low budget, renting a car would be the next best thing.

Getting Around Bolivia By Air

All the major cities and towns in Bolivia have an airport. Air travel is the best option of moving around the country because of its topography.

Getting Around Bolivia By Rail

A daily train links Cochacamba and La Paz. Due to the uneven terrain of the country, there are few rail lines and, further, the service is not very dependable.

Getting Around Bolivia By Road

You need an International Driving License to drive in Bolivia and traffic is on the right side of the road. There are plenty of car rental agencies in all major cities across the country. The prices tend to be steep because of the high cost of vehicles, service, spare parts and the unpredictable and rugged roads of the country.Buses in Bolivia are a nice cheap way to get to see the beautiful scenery while travelling to your destination. Unfortunately the buses often travel solely at night.

Getting Around Bolivia By Water

Passenger boats operate between Copacabana and the small islands of Lake Titicaca.

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