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Top Tourist Places To Visit in Bahamas

Continent: North America

Here are the 12 top places to visit in Bahamas

1. Bahamas

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Places To Visit in Bahamas

Involving over seven hundred islands, the excellent Bahamas is basically a bunch of coral based islands situated in the Atlantic Oceans. Come whenever to the nation and the terrific scenes will enthral you with its enchantment. The radiant shorelines with the unmistakable blue skies.

2. Grand Bahamas

2 out of 12 Places To Visit in Bahamas

Located in the northern Bahamas, Grand Bahama is one of the most popular islands and a major tourist attraction in the country. From the budget packages to extravagant cruise tours, this place offers all the beautiful landscapes to fit for every pocket. With the most exotic beaches and an extremely ...

3. Paradise Island

3 out of 12 Places To Visit in Bahamas

Living up to its name in the Bahamas, Paradise island is a must-visit for every traveller in the country. Having the best hotels and resorts, this place is simply captivating wit its beautiful landscapes.

4. Bimini Island

4 out of 12 Places To Visit in Bahamas

Such a small island and so much to offer! The stunning island of Bimini is located in the Western Bahamas. Popularly called as 'Big Game Fishing Capital of the Bahamas', the Bimini is a fishhook cluster of islands that includes North Bimini and South Bimini.

5. Andros

5 out of 12 Places To Visit in Bahamas

The biggest landmass in the Bahamas, Andros boasts an assortment of rich and social points of interest. Renowned for its barrier reef, it is a noteworthy fascination for divers.

6. Eleuthera and Harbour Island

6 out of 12 Places To Visit in Bahamas

The Harbour island and Eeleuthera are the most seasoned settlements in the Bahamas. Both the islands offers phenomenal perspectives and welcome a large number of sightseers everywhere throughout the year.

7. Nassau's Blue Lagoon Island

7 out of 12 Places To Visit in Bahamas

Essentially a private island in the capital city of Bahamas, Blue Lagoon is a beautiful island open to everyone who wishes to explore it. It offers a gazillion opportunities for fun, water-based activities or simply relaxing by the beach. æ

8. Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

8 out of 12 Places To Visit in Bahamas

Essentially a marine secured area, Exuma Cays Land is situated in the eastern Bahamas. It is first of its kind in the Caribbean and is incredibly delighted in by each visitor.

9. Elbow Cay

9 out of 12 Places To Visit in Bahamas

A ship full with visitors runs frequently from Marsh Harbour to Elbow Cay. Elbow Cay in the Abacos emanates the appeal of an advanced English-style fishing town.

10. Pirate Museum

10 out of 12 Places To Visit in Bahamas

Well located in Nassau, the Pirate Museum has hundreds of enjoyable stories about the several pirates in the area. It offers an interactive place which appeals to so many children and adults who are fascinated by the 'Golden Age of æPiracy' in the Caribbean.

11. Long Island

11 out of 12 Places To Visit in Bahamas

Lying somewhat out of the way, Long Island is situated in the southern portion of the archipelago. As the name propose, it is around 80 miles in length and is known to be one of the most picturesque islands on the planet.

12. Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Park

12 out of 12 Places To Visit in Bahamas

Explore the Ardastra Gardens and experience the native flora and fauna of the Bahamas. The zoo, conservation park and the gardens provide the perfect opportunity for the visitors to get up close and personal with the nature.

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