Getting Around Bahamas

Getting Around in Bahamas

Travelling within the city and to other islands is facilitated mostly through air and water. There are many connecting flights that fly from Nassau's international airport to other Out islands. Ferries, cruises and Yachts also sail to other islands through various ports of Nassau. In order to explore the city one can rent a car to travel far off distances or may also rent a bike to travel in the city. Travelling through rail and buses is not available in the Bahamas.

Getting Around Bahamas By Air

There are around 24 such airports which facilitate flying from one island to another. There are many flights that are scheduled between various islands but the centre of all is Nassau. Travelling via air may be troublesome unless you are staying in Nassau itself. Accordingly, after each excursion, you would be obliged to come back to Nassau which may cause waste of time. The choice may be to contract a charter aeroplane just by any chance if you need to do a great deal of Island hopping.

Getting Around Bahamas By Road

There is very little public transport available in the Bahamas to explore the city. There are no buses operational on any of the family Islands. However, in the capital city Nassau you may find some minibuses or "jitneys" running within the city but not near the airports. The best option to travel around is car rentals, though most of the roads are not well constructed and are often congested. You must carry a foreign or international driving licence in order to rent a car for a period of 3 months beyond which you will be required to obtain a license from the Road Traffic Department in Nassau. Driving is to the left. There are several local as well as international car-rental agencies in Nassau, Freeport and the Family Islands. Required age for obtaining a driving license in the Bahamas is 17 years; however, renters have to be 21 or more to obtain a license. There is an abundance of taxis in Nassau and Freeport. You need to call for one if you are on any of the Family Islands. Foot/ Cycle: It is also possible to rent bicycles, motorcycles or scooters to travel around.

Getting Around Bahamas By Water

You can hop islands by ferries too. The only main interisland ferry operator in the Bahamas is Bahamas Ferries, which provides high-speed services between Nassau and Andros, the Abacos, Eleuthera, the Exumas, Grand Bahamas and Long island. Mail boats sail under government contract to most inhabited islands, delivering post, freight and passengers. They regularly depart from PotterÍs Cay for Grand Bahama and all the Out Islands. Traditionally sailing overnight, mail-boat journeys last between five and 24 hours, comforts are minimal, and fares between BS$30 and BS$45. Always call the DockmasterÍs Office and check with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism for the latest schedules and prices.

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