Surreal Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu for a Peaceful Short Trip


Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu

Waterfalls are often a good choice to enjoy a serene vacay. The soothing sound of water-repelling is a picture-perfect scene. Among these picturesque waterfalls, Hogennakal waterfall is the most visi (Read More)ted in Tamil Nadu. Also, many other waterfalls that are most visited by tourists such as Tirparappu Waterfalls, Kiliyur Falls, Monkey falls etc. There are also many off-beat waterfalls for peace lovers. Therefore, nature lovers, do not miss these simply beautiful waterfalls in Tamil Nadu.

Here is the list of 26 Surreal Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu for a Peaceful Short Trip

1. Kalhatti Falls, Bellikkal, Ooty

Kalhatti Falls, Bellikkal, Ooty
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Kalhatti falls in Bellikal, Ooty are often called 'Bird Watcher's Paradise' as they give you an aerial view of the whole valley and are also a great place to spot some endemic birds. The lovely beauty and calm atmosphere of the place make it an ideal place to spend vacations and for short trips. The lake that the falls merge into is also a very important attraction of Bellikkal and is surrounded by lush greenery. It is also a source of fresh drinking water for the surrounding areas.

2. Catherine Falls, Kotagiri

Catherine Falls, Kotagiri
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Catherine Falls in Kotagiri near Ooty is made popular by its seclusion from the cacophony of the urban areas. The falls are nestled amidst the lush greens of the Nilgiris and are a pristine location to witness the beauty of nature. The water of the Kallar River, cut off by the Mettupalayam - Ooty road beyond the mountains, falls in a double cascade from over a height of 250 metres as it forms the Catherine Falls, making it the second highest waterfall of the Nilgiris.

3. Pykara Falls, Ooty

Pykara Falls, Ooty

Pykara Falls are set amidst the backdrop of a lush green forest and are an absolute delight to witness. Pykara is the name of a village which lies at a distance of around 19 kms from Ooty, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is also the name of a river which runs through the Pykara village, which is sacred to the natives of this land. The Pykara river flows downstream from the mountains, over a series of waterfalls, and these are known as the Pykara falls.

4. Katari Falls, Ooty

Katari Falls, Ooty

Known to be the third highest waterfalls in the Nilgiris, the mesmerising Katari Falls is situated at Adikarratti in Ooty, 10 kms from Coonoor. Boasting of a magnificent height of 180 m, the silvery water gushing down to form a pool at the base is also a popular picnic spot in the region. It was the site of India’s first hydroelectric power project, which is also known as the Katary Hydroelectric system. The power plant harnessed 1000 KW of power from the mechanical energy of the falling water.

5. Hogenakkal Falls, Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal Falls, Hogenakkal
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Hogenakkal Falls is a scintillating waterfall that is located on river Kaveri in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. The place gets its name from Hogenakkal, which means 'smoking rocks', owing to the unique rock arrangement that exists around it. The gushing beauty of this cascade is one of a kind and is often quoted as being the "Niagara falls of India". The Kaveri River forks into multiple streams and falls through multiple steps, making the sight a mesmerising thing to behold.

6. Kovai Kutralam Falls, Coimbatore

Kovai Kutralam Falls, Coimbatore
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Kovai Kutralam falls is an exhilarating water fall located in the scenic region of Siruvani. The water fall is about 37 kilometers away from Coimbatore city and the water fall is predominantly manifested for its exaltedness. The water fall is set in the deepest fragment of the impenetrable woodland and due to this reason vacationers are not conceded to visit the falls after 5 pm. The key inception of drinking water in Coimbatore is supplied by Siruvani.

7. Siruvani Falls and Dam, Coimbatore

Siruvani Falls and Dam, Coimbatore
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The Siruvani falls and dam is situated some 37 kilometers to the west of Coimbatore city amidst the lush green Western Ghats. The river is clean and offers to its visitors some sensationally tasty water. This Siruvani water falls is the chief source to supply water to Coimbatore city. With a phenomenal all-encompassing contour, both the dam and water falls is extremely alluring and astounding.

8. Silver Cascade Falls, Kodaikanal

Silver Cascade Falls, Kodaikanal
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The perfect stop over in-between a long journey, these silver cascade falls demand your attention while you travel from Kodaikanal till Madurai. The Silver Cascade Falls formed as a result of the over flowing of the famous man-made Kodai Lake, are the perfect way to have a break while on a long road trip. One can also take a swim in the waters of the waterfall provided the temperature is right.

9. Thirparappu Falls, Poovar

Thirparappu Falls, Poovar
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Located at a distance of about 55 kilometres from Kanyakumari, the cascading waters of the Thirparappu Falls make up for an enchanting sight. This waterfall is a manmade one and falls from a height of 50 feet. The water collects in a quaint pool below which is an ideal place to frolick around, especially for children. The falls are surrounded by thick green foliage and indigenous fauna, which make it a nature lover's paradise.

10. Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal

Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal
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Located at a mere distance of 2 kilometres from the Kodaikanal Lake, the Bear Shola Falls is a popular tourist spot in the region. This cascade is a seasonal attraction which comes to life in its fullest during the monsoons, when the water flows down from the hilltop making its way through the verdant greenery of the region. An interesting legend behind the unique name of this place is that it was a favourite haunt of a bear who used to frequent this water body to drink water, hence imparting it the name Bear Shola Falls.

11. Monkey Falls, Coimbatore

Monkey Falls, Coimbatore
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Only 65 km away from the hustling and bustling city of Coimbatore is the peaceful Monkey Falls. Enveloped between evergreen forests and rocky cliffs, the alluring waterfall brings together the entire scenery. Anyone in earshot of the humming Monkey Waterfalls is inevitably drawn to these melodious sounds. The water swishes across the rocks joyfully and dives into a pool of water as clear as cellophane.

12. Five Falls, Kutrallam

Five Falls, Kutrallam
3.4 /5

A sight of pure brilliance, Five Falls is one of the most sought after destination in Kutrallam, situated around 4 km from the main town. Visitors are absolutely awe inspired by the sight it presents with falls splitting into five parts before rushing down at the Aranvankadu Pass. These five falls are regarded as the five heads of the cobras by the locals. However, three falls out of five can be accessed by men whereas only two falls are open for women.

13. Puliyancholai Waterfalls, Tiruchi

Puliyancholai Waterfalls, Tiruchi

Puliyancholai Waterfalls are situated at the base of Kolli Hills in Tiruchi. The mesmerizing waterfalls are a popular site of tourism and receives a huge influx of visitors. The waterfalls are truly a spot of peace and tranquility and offers solitude like no where else.

14. Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, Tiruchi

Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, Tiruchi

Falling down from a massive height of 300 feet, Agaya Gangai Waterfalls are situated amidst Kolli Hills in the Eastern Ghats. The waterfalls can be reached through a trek or by climbing almost a 1000 steps. The waterfalls are best visited during monsoons.

15. Fairy Falls, Kodaikanal

Fairy Falls, Kodaikanal

Situated in the beautiful South-Indian station of Kodaikanal, the enchanting Fairy Falls is the source of the Pambar River which joins into the Vaigai River later on. This fall which is the excess of the rural community reservoir flows southwards of the hill. Due to its breathtaking scenic beauty, the Fairy Falls also makes up for a popular picnic spot. One can spend time here with their family and friends while admiring the natural beauty around and relax amidst the lush greenery and pleasant weather.

16. Pambar Falls, Kodaikanal

Pambar Falls, Kodaikanal

Also known as the 'Grand Cascade' and situated at a distance of 4 km from the Kodaikanal Bus Station, the Pambar Falls are formed by the town reservoir flowing towards the south and forming the Fairy Falls which further continue to join the Vaigai River. The falls can be reached by following a steep and slippery path from behind the Pambar house. A zig-zag stream flows down the Pambar Ravine which falls over some slippery rocks during its twisty course. A pond-like formation is formed at the bottom which is perfect for bathing as well as swimming, and as you go downstream, you will witness three to four more adjacent falls.

17. Vattakanal Falls, Kodaikanal

Vattakanal Falls, Kodaikanal

Vattakanal Falls situated at a distance of 3 km from the town of Kodaikanal is famous for its rich biodiversity. Surrounded by trees, hills and lush greenery all around, this attraction makes up for a perfect place to observe the wonder that is nature and all its elements closely. There is also a bridge present near the falls which is amazing for clicking pictures. Some food vendors set up their stalls near these falls and serve local delicacies. In short, this beautiful place is perfect for spending a cheerful picnic with your close loved ones.

18. Killiyur Falls, Yercaud

Killiyur Falls, Yercaud
3.5 /5

Kiliyur falls a good choice for a family or group excursion. The pristine water combined with the cold weather makes it a lucrative getaway. The Kiliyur Falls drops from a height of 300 feet and are a popular tourist attraction near Salem. They also offer boating and swimming activities in their vicinity. These waterfalls are a part of the Shervaroyan hill range of the Eastern Ghats. The water from the Yercaud Lake drops 300 feet into the Kiliyur Valley, thus forming these falls. Travellers have to walk down 200-250 steps to reach the point of waterfalls. There are adequate seating and resting areas near the stairs for elderly people who might be visiting the place.

19. Vydehi Falls, Coimbatore

Vydehi Falls, Coimbatore
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The Vydehi water falls is situated some 35 km away from the Coimbatore city. People who pay a visit to Coimbatore must make it a point to visit the Vydehi water falls, as it is one of the most familiar water fall and is highly known for its magnificence. The falls has pulled towards itself a large number of visitors because of its scenic attraction and beauty. People can avail a taxi or cab to pay a visit to the extravagant Vydehi water falls. This can be placed on top of the places-to-visit list when planning a vacation to Coimbatore.

20. Manimuthar falls

Manimuthar falls

Located almost 35 km from Tirunelveli, the Manimathur falls is a natural waterfall that flows throughout the year and is located just above the Manimuthar dam. Bike riding to the place is considered very thrilling and adventurous according to many people who have visited the place. There is also a pond nearby with a depth of 90 feet. This place, on the whole, is beautiful and picture perfect.

21. Agasthiyar falls, Tirunelveli

Agasthiyar falls, Tirunelveli
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Agasthiyar Falls is a beautiful waterfall lies on the Tamiraparani River. It is of a great religious importance. It is also known as Papanasam Falls. In other words Papanasam means removal from all sins. It is located 42 km west of Tirunelveli. It gots its name from the sage name Agasthiyar. It is believed that once you have taken a bath in the river all your sins will be washed away or will be absoluted. It can be reached from Papananasam temple by road. Papavinashweshwara (Shiva) Temple is nearby. Also 3km trekking from the waterfall may lead to the Agasthiyar temple.

22. Courtallam Waterfalls, Tirunelveli

Courtallam Waterfalls, Tirunelveli
3.4 /5

Since Tirunelveli has so many beautiful sites, the Coutallam Waterfalls get lost in the long list and tourists often miss out on these. But these waterfalls are nothing short of spectacular. The waterfalls comprise nine smaller falls. And it is believed that the water from these falls has medicinal healing properties. Even otherwise, the waterfalls are stunning. This place is popularly known as the Spa of South India.

23. Law's Falls, Coonoor

Law's Falls, Coonoor
3.2 /5

About 7 km outside the town of Coonoor, Law's Falls is an amazing destination for a picnic and to be in the lap of nature. Situated on the Mettupalayam-Coonoor-Ooty route, the falls has height of over 180 ft surrounded by thick natural forests. A lovely place to be for naturalists and children.
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24. Jalagamparai Falls, Yelagiri

Jalagamparai Falls, Yelagiri
3.4 /5

Going to the waterfall requires a 5 km trek. But the trek is well worth it. The Attaru river flows through Yelagiri and the breaks into a beautiful fall from the mountain rocks. The fall dries up in the summer season and is beat seen around November and December.

25. Amirthi Zoological Waterfalls, Yelagiri

Amirthi Zoological Waterfalls, Yelagiri

Amirthi Zoological Waterfalls are situated in the premises of Amirthi Zoological Park in Vellore near Yelagiri. The place is enchanting to look at, owing to the natural beauty and clear water cascading from a height. The waterfalls can be reached through a trek of 1.5 kms.

26. Gundar Falls

Gundar Falls

The Gundar Falls are found in Sengottai, Thirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. It is 1km away from the dam and reservoir having the same name. Amidst the scenic Western Ghats, it is a good picnic spot for families. The water here is lively and this spot is considered to be an adventure to reach - by jeep or by walking. People come here to bathe in these waters as the flow is thrilling, yet safe.

Indeed, your visit to these spectacular waterfalls in TN will make your visit a memorable one. Also, do share your experience with the amazing waterfalls listed above with us in the comment section.

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