Enchanting Waterfalls in Rishikesh That You Ought to Visit


Waterfalls in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is known as the land of natural beauty. With the majestic Ganges flowing through the city and the dense woods enveloping the adjoining hills, the city looks mesmerizing. In that context, the enchanting waterfalls in Rishikesh cascading through steep rocks and cliffs only add to the alluring beauty of the place. These gorgeous layers of water falling down several feet and forming a pool at the base are a treat to the eyes. Besides making the region extremely rich and habitable for a variety of flora and fauna to flourish, these waterfalls increase the aesthetics of the region. The Rishikesh waterfalls are also a popular place of tourism both for tourists and localities. At all times of the day, you can find several people showering or bathing themselves in the crystal clear waters of the pool formed at the bottom of the waterfall. In any case, they are a wonderful place of sightseeing and you should definitely visit if you are in or around the city. Have a look at our elaborately compiled list of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Rishikesh and head out now.

Here is the list of 5 Enchanting Waterfalls in Rishikesh That You Ought to Visit

1. Neer Garh Waterfall, Rishikesh

Neer Garh Waterfall is a beautiful narrow stream of cool water cascading down a rocky terrain in the midst of a dense green forest. It requires trekking a distance of about a kilometre through the forest and down a cliff to reach the waterfall. The trail to this waterfall in Rishikesh is exciting and a perfect activity to do before entering the waters for a cool soothing dip in one of its pools.

2. Garudchatti Waterfall , Rishikesh

Garud Chatti Waterfalls is one of the most majestic and beautiful waterfalls in Rishikesh. Situated around 5 kms away from Lakshman Jhula, the waterfalls cascade down the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. At the base of the trek to the waterfalls, there is also a revered Garud Temple.

3. Patna Waterfalls, Rishikesh

Located around 7 kms from Lakshman Jhula, Patna Waterfalls are right next to the Patna village in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. The highlight of this waterfall in Rishikesh is also a limestone cave situated right next to it.

4. Himshail Waterfalls, Rishikesh

Situated 4 kms away from Lakshman Jhula, Himshail Waterfalls in Rishikesh is one of the calmest and most serene places in the city. It is popular for yoga and meditation practices because of the peaceful environment. There is also a Tat Baba Cave situated right next to it.

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5. Phool Chatti Waterfalls, Rishikesh

Phool Chatti Waterfalls are located in between Garudchatti and Neer Garh Waterfalls and are mostly hidden away from view in between dense trees and bushes. Located 7 kms from Lakshman Jhula, the region has several resorts where you stay to enjoy nature at its best.

Which of these waterfalls in Rishikesh have you visited? Let us know in the comments below!

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