Temples in Lumbini

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Temples in Lumbini

Lumbini is known as the birth place of Siddhartha Gautama who later came to be known as Buddha and founded Buddhism. Lumbini has a number of older temples and many new temples that have been completed or are under construction funded by different Buddhist organizations from around the world.

Here is the list of 7 Temples in Lumbini

1. Cambodian Monastery, Lumbini

Cambodian Monastery in Lumbini is an amalgamation of colorful fantasy and spiritual forces making it one of the most fascinating temples in the region. Built in a architectural design matching the famous Angkor Wat, the charming monastery is surrounded by a square railing, each having four 50m green snakes. The large compound has an outer wall covered with beautiful and intricate designs.

2. Myanmar Golden Temple, Lumbini

Myanmar Golden Temple in Lumbini is the oldest structure of the city. Built in Burmese style of architecture, the temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha. The impressive corncob-shaped shikhara, styled after the temples of Bagan gives a regal look to the whole structure. There are three prayer halls and a Lokamani Pula Pagoda inside the building.

3. Korean Temple, Lumbini

Dae-Sung-Shakya-Sa, popularly known as the Korean Temple, is a Buddhist Monastery in Lumbini. The impressive structure is built in a Korean style of architectural. The building is oriental and huge and even offers accommodations to visitors for a few days. Meditating in the courtyard full of monks and pilgrims is a peaceful and refreshing experience.

4. China Temple, Lumbini

Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery, popularly known as the China Temple is an elegant Buddhist Monastery in Lumbini. The impressive structure is built in a pagoda-style of architecture and resembles the look of the famous forbidden city of China. As one enters, the perfectly manicured internal courtyard fill the heart with peace and joy.

5. World Peace Pagoda, Lumbini

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Japan Peace Stupa, also known as World Peace Pagoda is an early 21st Century monument - a symbol of peace and a famous tourist attraction in Lumbini. Considering the key objective of the monument, it is evident that a pagoda would be built on the land where Gautama Buddha was born because this is where he attained enlightenment and initiated the Buddhist culture. The structure is a glorious stupa with traditional pagoda style architecture. The vibrant monument is colored white signifying the virtuous motive behind installing it.

6. Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery, Lumbini

Royal Thai Monastery in Lumbini is an imposing and stunning wat-style monastery dedicated to Buddhist practises. The gleaming building is constructed from white marble and the blue-roofed meditation center are example of a fine architectural style. The beautiful designs and carving on the temple wall makes this place a must-visit.

7. Sri Lankan Monastery, Lumbini

Also known as Sri Lanka Temple, the monastery is a beautiful Sri Lankan Buddhist establishments that give insights into the life of Gautama Buddha and its importance in the region. The grand monastery holds several important religious events and practices, especially those followed in Sri Lanka. It also provides a sneak peek into the life of Gautama Buddha and emphasises on its evolution throughout time. The Sri Lankan Monastery in Lumbini is a perfect illustration of a system of spiritual belief bringing two countries closer.

Lumbini is one of the holiest and most important places in Nepal as a result of which it was included in the list of World Heritage areas by UNESCO. A must visit place for architecture and cultural fanatics alike.

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