Best Time to Visit Connecticut

What is the best time to visit Connecticut?

The best time to visit Connecticut is during late spring from May to June or during early fall in September to October. Connecticut has usually agreeable weather conditions that mimic the rest of the area of New England. There are a few heatwaves and snowfall is concentrated in the winter. The spring season begins from March in Connecticut and lasts till May although temperatures only become agreeable by the last month with averages of 35-48F in March-April that rise to a pleasant 58F in May. June to August is the summer season and although this period is most popular for tourism, humidity and heat waves hit the state in July and August. Temperatures during this time average 68-73F. The fall season begins in September and lasts till November. Temperatures during this season begin at 53-62F on average before drastically dropping to 41F in November. Early fall is a good time to enjoy the autumn colours and avoid the summer crowds. The winter season from December to February sees temperatures that can go as low as -14F.