Best Time to Visit New York

What is the best time to visit New York?

The best time to visit New York is during its exuberant spring season from April to June and during the winters, November to December. The state receives a lot of tourism and observes drastic weather changes. New York has distinct periods of snow and rain, but there is an ideal sightseeing window that one can identify. New York receives most of its tourism over two periods- June to August in the summer and November to December in time for the festive season (Thanksgiving and New Years). Temperatures in New York are cold for about half the year with the other half receiving temperate weather alternating between rainy and sunny days. The warmest months of the year, June through August, receive the most tourism with temperatures peaking at 86F in most regions but staying relatively comfortable. The cost of accommodation goes up during this time. Tourism stalls during spring and temperatures across the state average about 71F. The states natural beauty is also enhanced during this period with lesser tourists. Sightseers looking to experience the festivities in New York visit during November through December. Although there is much to experience during this time, temperatures often fall below negative and dont rise beyond 50F.

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