Countries To Visit In Scandinavian Region

Best Time: June Ð August Read More

Budget: Very Expensive

Here are the top 2 countries in Scandinavian Region

1. Iceland

1 out of 2 Countries To Visit in Scandinavian Region

Amongst the most coveted travel destinations, Iceland is one of the most surreal and magnificent countries in the world. Located close to the Arctic Circle, it offers amazingly dramatic and breath-taking landscapes and exotic natural phenomena. Summer is the best time to visit, owing to the mild temperatures and a plethora of available activities from hiking fjords to playing golf at midnight. However, no time is a bad time to visit this spectacular snow-covered country.

2. Sweden

2 out of 2 Countries To Visit in Scandinavian Region

Known for its breath-taking landscapes, exotic dishes and notoriously eccentric culture, Sweden is indeed amongst the most diverse countries on the planet. Offering a 360-degree experience that includes both a thriving city life and an exotic ride through the countryside, the country is a delight for both mountain lovers and beach junkies. With a rich history, astounding architecture and the most incredible sights, Sweden is a traveller's paradise.

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