Best Time To Visit Melanesia

Best Time: May Ð October Read More

Budget: Expensive

May Ð October is the best time to visit Melanesia

The best time to visit the region in general is May to October when weather is dry and humidity is at its lowest. Some of the islands including Fiji are very crowded between July and August with many travellers from New Zealand and Australia flocking the place to escape the cold in their countries.

Melanesia in Melanesia in November Ð April (Rainy Season)

During this time of the year, the region faces uncomfortably high humidity and heavy downpour. The temperature soars high along with certain islands prone to tropical cyclones.

Melanesia in Melanesia in May Ð October (Dry season)

This is the best time visit the region when weather is pleasant and occasional frost and snowfall on the highest peaks of the region.