Best Time To Visit Konkan

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Winter is the best time to visit Konkan

The Konkan coast experiences a very hot and humid summer season, a very wet monsoon season and drier and cooler winters. It is inadvisable to visit the area during the summer season. The mercury soars up to 45 degrees celsius and the heated sands and shining sun can cause severe skin burns. Any outdoor activity is restricted due to the heat and humidity. Monsoons come around June with the oncoming of the southwest monsoon winds. The area receives heavy rainfall. This season is also not ideal to visit the area as the downpour cause flooding sometimes and the sea level also rises. Besides, any outdoor activity is restricted especially the adventure activities to avoid any risks. Winter Season is considered the best time to visit the Konkan region when the temperature stays between 20 - 22 degrees celsius. The climate is not at all harsh but very pleasant and soothing. In these days, tourists can spend their days sunbathing in the sands without any risks of sunburns.